I asked the nail technician for a smiley face design…it’s so bad people tell me to cover it with a sticker

WHEN you’re forking out for some snazzy new nails, you count on to be satisfied with the finish end result.

But one lady, who’s from the US, was extra taken abruptly when she glanced down and noticed one thing very totally different to what she’d asked for.


She was given a rather confused and unhappy looking face


Taking to TikTok, the lady, who goes by the acronym @liveroniandcheese, posted a quick clip the place she may be seen holding her hand over her mouth and laughing as she shakes her head in disbelief.

She then shared a snap of the design she’d requested, which featured plain nails and a yellow, glad smiley face on her thumb.

However, the smiley face appeared as displeased as she did with the finish end result…

“My nail lady did a great job on the other nails…but the dumb? GIRL,” she joked. 

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The lady in query then shared a {photograph} of the design she ended up with, which included a yellow face with a very wonky and confused smile.

The put up has since garnered over 90,000 likes and was shortly inundated with feedback.

“Bestie you should’ve just put a sticker on it,” wrote one, to which she replied: “Tbh I love my little wonky smiley he’s doing his best.”

A second joked: “Get a sticker.”

However, others had been fairly taken by the relatively unhappy-looking face.

“Thumb is my whole mood,” wrote one.


A second joked: “Nooo leave him alone he’s trying his best.”

And a third penned: “Why is it kinda adorable though.”

Elsewhere, one other added: “Id actually prefer him, i’d relate to him at least.”

An additional amused social media person quipped: “I think she went with a more relatable look. Lol.”

The social media user explained that she was hoping to get a smiley face emoji (pictured)


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