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“I Am Stronger Than I Give Myself Credit For,” Deepti says after her ‘Love Is Blind’ romance.

One of the first things viewers noticed while binge-watching Season 2 of Love Is Blind was Abhishek “Shake” Chatterjee’s apparent lack of interest in the reality TV show’s process. Instead of asking about their personalities, he spent a lot of time in the pods asking about the women’s appearances.

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Shake’s superficial way of thinking never seemed to match up with Deepti “Deeps” Vempati’s genuine and gentle personality, so it came as a surprise to see the two form a bond.

If Deepti and Shake are still together after Love Is Blind, viewers who are just getting to know the couples from the season want to know.

Deepti spoke exclusively with Distractify about her reality TV show journey and what she’s up to now. Deepti partnered with TAZO to launch their #TAZOSummerBucketList campaign.

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Love Is Blind’s first season was a huge hit with viewers back in 2020, so a second season was bound to happen sooner or later.

The show follows 30 men and women as they spend ten days speed dating in private pods without being able to see each other’s faces. The method works some of the time and does not work other times.

It did not work out for Shake and Deepti, Season 2’s unofficial queen. However, it appears that everything worked out in the end.

Deepti told us, “I was kind of numb during the process of filming, and you know, my relationship with Shake, whatever it was, I was kind of numb during the process of it all.” “However, now that I’ve had the benefit of hindsight, I believe I’ve discovered that I’m stronger than I give myself credit for.” And that I’m capable of effectively navigating difficult situations.”

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On Love Is Blind, the couple didn’t get married, and in an unexpected twist, Deepti was the one who called it off. She explained to him that she couldn’t marry him and that she was making her own decisions. She knew his lack of attraction and general unpredictability weren’t fair to her.

“I chose myself,” she later explained to her mother. “I am content,” she said, and her decision was based on her recognition of her own worth.

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“It’s probably for the best,” Shake said after explaining the rejection to his close friends. She did her thing, as far as I could tell. the I’m glad I didn’t have to speak up. [To be] extremely open… I was the one who was more undecided. the Right now, it’s not a pleasant topic to discuss… “However, she would have said yes if I had said yes.”

Source: Instagram / @lifewithdeeps

Deepti and Danielle from ‘Love Is Blind.’

Deepti cherishes the friendships she made on ‘Love Is Blind,’ which she continues below advertisement.

Deepti didn’t leave Love Is Blind married or in a relationship with the guy she spent the season getting to know, but she did leave with new friends and a strong inner circle. Friends from the show have “been such a saving grace” for her, she told Distractify.

“It’s just been such a journey,” Deepti said. “That’s why having them as a support system has been extremely beneficial.” Because I can text any of those girls at any time and say, “Hey, you know, I’m really going through something, I’m getting these hateful messages, or this is happening, or that’s happening,” and they’ll be there for you right away because they completely understand what you’re going through.”

It’s not always about the awful romantic relationships you have to endure for the sake of reality television. It’s all about the bonds you formed along the way.

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