Hozier’s Eat Your Young lyrics meaning hint at a narrative beyond personal

Since Hozier’s new EP, Eat Your Young, was released on March 17, fans have been marveling at the lyrics of lead single Eat Your Young, which transcend personal narratives. If you’re wondering what Hozier’s Eat Your Young lyrics mean, here’s a quick breakdown.

2023 will be very special for Hozier fans, as the new EP Eat Your Young is just the start of the singer’s third studio album, Unreal Unearth, which is due out sometime in 2023. In addition to the new music, the Take Me to Church singer will present a concert at various locations across the United States.

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Hozier’s Eat Your Young lyrics explained

Hozier’s Eat Your Young lyrics have a deeper meaning than personal temptation and redemption. The song’s title itself arouses curiosity, as Eat Your Young could mean the untimely death of future generations or how the present generation “eats” the young.

The song begins with a talk of personal desires and the need to devour all earthly things, as Hozier sings, “I’m hungry darling/Let me put my lips on something/Let me go around with my teeth world.”

But the song takes on a new meaning in the chorus, when Hozier says, “Take some / Pull up the ladder when the flood comes / Throw enough rope till the legs swing / Seven new ways to eat your kids
Come and get some. Hozier is known to quote the Bible here and there in his songs, and the ladder here could mean Jacob’s ladder, the ladder to heaven.

Jacob’s Ladder has seven steps of virtue, which also means seven ways a person can fail, which in Hozier’s song becomes “Seven New Ways You Can Eat Your Children.”

The song’s meaning becomes clearer when Hozier explicitly proclaims “skinning children for war drums / Putting food on the table to sell bombs and guns / Eating your children is quicker and easier.”

Fans react to Eat Your Young with ‘keep repeating’

Fans of Hozier are once again overwhelmed by the singer’s sheer creativity, who manages to incorporate masterpieces in every release.

Talking about the new EP, one fan said: “Eat Your Young is repeating – bless you @Hozier Absolutely BANGER!!!!”

Another chimed in, “This song is poetry – eat your kids!”

As another fan posted, everyone is eating your kids in a loop:

About Hozier’s Unreal Unearth Journey

Hozier’s latest EP sets the tone for his plans for 2023, with the singer announcing a series of concerts and ticket details for the Unreal Unearth tour.

The singer will play more than 30 shows in the United States in 2023. See all date and location details for the Unreal Unearth tour on Hozier’s website. Tour tickets will go on sale March 24.

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