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How To Align Star Sensors In Fortnite

Damage them in the correct order to align the star sensors” is one of the main objectives players must clear when completing the Oathbound questline fortnite Chapter 4: Season 1. This objective involves completing a puzzle that adventurers will encounter at the Hidden Henge, a named, unmarked landmark on the island that can be found near the center of the green woodland north of the Faulty Splits. Upon arrival, the player will find a cosmic monitor in the center of a clearing, surrounded by star sensors for the various phases of the moon.

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for completion”Damage them in the correct order to align the star sensors” oath mission Fortnite Chapter 4: Season 1, the player must look at a disc-shaped screen near the center of the Hidden Henge to see a particular moon phase. These phases include full moon, half moon and new moon, which also have mirror images.

Therefore, mission participants must check the cosmic monitors and find the same moon phase on the surrounding star sensors. Then, approach the sensor that matches the central unit and hit it with the harvesting tool.

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Aligning Star Sensors in Fortnite

After the star sensor is hit, the yellow glow of the moon map will turn milky white. This color changer indicates that the player has found the correct star sensor.Adventurers must then return to the Central Cosmic Monitor to view the next lunar phase, after which they must repeat the process of tapping the correct sensor with their sensor pickaxe in fortnite. The player must repeat this process five times to complete”Damage them in the correct order to align the star sensors” The Oathbound Quest aims at fortnite.

Once the player understands how to solve this somewhat confusing Oathbound puzzle, aligning the interstellar sensors becomes easy.However, Fortnite content creators in the woods The main challenge in claiming this objective is dealing with other players who are also trying to complete the quest or want to make participants feel sad. In other words, when the Oathbound questline is active, the Hidden Henge will be a hotspot of destruction. Therefore, players are encouraged to approach the Cosmic Monitor location with caution, and scan the area for campers or other enemies before clearing the puzzle.new Falcon Scout is an excellent tool Used for scouting, as it allows the player to safely investigate an area without fear of unnecessary confrontation fortnite.

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source: YouTube/In The Little Wood

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