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How long were Jasmine Fiore and ex-husband Michael Cardosi married?

This playboy The Murder premiered on January 23, 2023 and will continue on a weekly basis, taking viewers through the life and circumstances of Jasmine Fiore’s life and tragic death, as well as her relationship with her husband Ryan Jenkins.

But some viewers may be surprised to learn that, according to multiple reports, Jenkins wasn’t Fiore’s only husband during her lifetime.

The other was Michael Cardosi, whom Jasmine Fiore knew before she met Jenkins.

His mother told Radar Online that he told her Fiore was the love of his life – and they were “soul mates”. Here’s what we know about their relationship.

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How long have Jasmine Fiore and ex-husband Michael Cardosi been married?

Three years, according to reports from Radar Online and TMZ. They married in 2003, lived together in Santa Cruz and San Diego, and divorced in 2006.

Just two weeks after Jasmine Fiore’s death on August 15, 2009, TMZ reported on her relationship with “prison boyfriend” and “ex-husband” Michael Cardosi.

Cardosi was released on parole four days before her death, according to reports. Fiore met him at the gate of a Southern California prison. Four days later – on the day of her death – authorities arrested Cardosi, violating his parole, TMZ reports, which led to a search of his apartment. Authorities did not consider him a suspect as they investigated her murder.

Buena Park police told the media they found letters exchanged between Fiore and Cardosi that suggested an “intimate relationship” between the two.

How did Michael Cardosi react to the death of ex-wife Jasmine Fiore?

According to reports, Radar Online Talk to Cardoshi’s mother A report published September 4, 2009.

She told the outlet that her son hopes to rekindle his relationship with the late model. The outlet made it clear that he and Fiore were a couple of three years and reunited “on a beach in Southern California” while he was on parole.

“When Michael [Cardosi] tell me jasmine [Fiore] was dead,” his mother, Winnie Humphreys, told the outlet, “and we just fell down and wept in each other’s arms. “

“He told me, ‘Mom, she’s the love of my life — we’re soul mates,'” she said. “He’s completely broken.”

Mom says he ‘really loves’ her

Humphreys reiterated this to Radar Online, saying Cardosi experienced a “terrible depression” when he returned to prison following Fiore’s death.

“I was really worried about him,” she said, “because he really loved Jasmine. They had known each other for eight years and had been through good times and bad times together, but they kept in touch even when Michael was sent to prison.”

She said the last time she spoke to him was in late August of that year — 2009 — and that he was “still very upset about what happened to his ex-wife. I fear he may never recover from her sudden and tragic loss.” come over.”

Michael Cardosi used to be a construction worker and bartender. On the same day that Radar Online published the report cited here, TMZ Shared a photo of him and Jasmine She was “hugged, smiled, touched and even kissed” in the days leading up to her death.

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Is Jasmine Fiore on Rock Of Love? If so, which season?

No, Jasmine Fiore never appeared in Rock Of Love.Her name does not appear in any cast member list.

Heather Chadwell (Season 1 runner-up) and Lacey Conner (Season 3) Claimed on an episode of the Talk Of Love podcast Each of them received an invitation to individually host their own show. Neither, however, made headway as VH1 suspended its celebrity reality show following Fiore’s death.

There’s a way to tie Jasmine Fiore to Rock Of Love, but there aren’t many loose ends.

Megan Hauserman appeared on Rock Of Love 2, finishing fifth. In addition to being Fiore’s Playboy co-worker, she also has her own reality dating show on VH1. It’s called Meghan Wants a Millionaire. Fiore’s second husband, Ryan Jenkins, was vying for Hauserman’s heart over the book before he met Fiore.

Anything to tell us about this article?

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