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How is Kim Pegula doing? Fans still hoping for health update after scare

Bruno Cook January 18, 2023

Photo by Brian Bennett/Getty Images

With her daughter Jessica in the ongoing 2023 Australian Open, fans of the Pegula family are still wondering how Kim is doing after last year’s health scare.

ESPN Reported on June 14, 2022 Co-owner of the Buffalo Bills and Sabers “is being treated for an undisclosed health issue.”

The family did not communicate the nature of the health issues at the time. However, they said they were “appreciative of the progress she has made over the past few days.”

jessica pegula Defeat Aryaksandra Sasnovicearning a place in the third round of the Open in Melbourne.

Photo by Timothy T Ludwig/Getty Images

How will Kim Pegula’s health be in June 2022?

ESPN reported on June 14, 2022 that Kim Pegula was being treated in an ICU in Florida due to health issues. However, the nature of the health issue was “undisclosed”.

Pegula’s family released a statement saying she was “under medical care” after experiencing some “unexpected health issues.”

The media later quoted Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen as saying: “She has done a lot for our organization, and we all love her very much. Once again, as a team, we are praying, and we only ask you Do the same for us, please.”

Two weeks later, on July 2nd, Sports Illustrated’s Fan Nation reports second statement from Pegula family. It clarified that Kim “is doing well and is resting and recovering from health issues.”

Jessica Pegula separately assures fans her mother Kim is ‘better’

pegura To reporters at Wimbledon in late June 2022 Her mother is “much better now”.

That’s why I’m here,” Jessica said after winning her match against Donna Vekic. “If she had a bad day, I probably wouldn’t be here. ”

That should calm some of the anxiety people might be feeling about the whole situation.

“I flew out on Wednesday last week,” Jessica added. “During that time, she was doing really well, and I felt like everything was fine, and I felt like my family was in control.”

Finally: “She’s improving, she’s been recovering. I feel comfortable coming here. But that’s why I didn’t play any warm-up games.”

Fans want to know how Kim Pegula will fare in 2023

Despite the assurances from Jessica and the entire family, fans are eager to learn more about the nature of Kim Pegula’s “undisclosed” health issues.

one tweeted earlier this month They sometimes “randomly think of Kim Pegula” and wonder “how is she doing, is she okay”.

“It’s best not to try to guess,” they added in the comments out of respect for her privacy.Others say they recently Conducted a “one hour investigative discussion” About the situation, adding: “I just miss her and hope/hope she sees all the magic on our team” — meaning the Buffalo Bills.

This Things that reminded people of her in the past week or two It appears that she was not in the stands at the Bills’ game, even though her husband was there.

Photo by Brian Bennett/Getty Images

she has a touching life story

Kim Pegula may be an unlikely “The Most Powerful Women in SportsTonSecond”

According to her adoption agency’s knowledge of events — Kim has little recollection — her biological parents abandoned her on a street corner in front of a police station in Seoul, South Korea.

Ralph and Marilyn Kerr adopted her in early 1975. She was only five years old at the time, and in the words of the Democrat and Chronicle, Do you have [had] A very pleasant life” until then.

She met Terry Pegula when she was looking for a job as a server at the Old Library Restaurant in New York. He happened to be eating there that day. One thing led to another, and now she’s co-owner of Bills and Sabers—”that’s the very definition of the proverbial rags-to-riches story.”

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