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How Did Melissa Bank Die? Check Witty, Bestselling Author Cause of Death? dies at 61

In recent news, Melissa Bank, the bestselling author, has died. She was just 61 when she took her last breath. Viking Books announced the saddening piece of news. According to them, Melissa passed away on Tuesday, August 2, 2022, in East Hampton, New York. After the revelation of the news, her well-wishers rushed to social media to pay her heartfelt tributes. Netizens are expressing their sadness about her untimely demise and extending their deepest condolences to her family. Here, check who was she and what was her cause of death. Scroll below to get details.

As per reports, Melissa Banks was battling lung cancer for a long time. She was getting treatment for the dreaded disease in a reputed hospital. However, despite the efforts and strategies, the doctors could not recover her and she eventually succumbed to the disease. Now, tributary posts and messages have flooded the internet. People who read her novel and appreciated her work happen to be in profound grief. Everyone is remembering her as a lovely woman who always cared for others’ feelings and is appreciating her passion for writing.

Who Was Melissa Bank?

Melissa Bank belonged to Philadelphia. She attended Cornell University where she got her master’s degree whose influences ranged from Vladimir Nabokov to Grace Paley. She needed 12 years to complete “The Girls’ Guide,” in part due to a bicycle accident that left her with impaired short-term memory and verbal cognition. However, her novel, which chronicles the life of a young lady from childhood to adulthood, was a critical and financial success.

According to Yahlin Chang of Newsweek, “Bank crafts stunning images of loneliness, and can do it in a sentence.” The 2007 romantic comedy “Suburban Girl,” starring Alec Baldwin and Sarah Michelle Gellar, was based on two tales from “The Girls’ Guide.” In addition, Bank wrote the humorous story collection “The Wonder Spot,” which followed a woman’s search for her place in the world. Her stories have also been featured in other magazines such as Ploughshares and Zoetrope.

Now, this bestselling author has taken her last breath on Tuesday and has left her loved ones behind to mourn. Several tweets have been shared on Twitter about the sudden death of the author. People are still in disbelief that Melissa bank has left the world. It is no doubt to state that everyone is saddened to learn about her unfortunate demise and is calling her a fighter who fought the dreaded disease till her last breath.

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