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Highway Code Rule Means Drivers Could Be Fined £1,000 For A Simple Gesture

Drivers have been warned that a simple gesture could lead to hefty fines. Every day, thousands of drivers take their hands off the wheel to thank others for moving out of the way or for other reasons.

However, motorists have been warned they could be fined for it. Section 160 of the Highway Act Say you should “hold the steering wheel or handlebars with both hands whenever possible while driving or cycling.

“This will help you maintain full control of the vehicle. You can use driver assistance systems while driving. Make sure you use any system according to the manufacturer’s instructions.”

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A study by the car insurance team compare the market Spotting common expressions of politeness on the road could land drivers facing fines and demerit points. Research also shows that many drivers are unaware that certain behaviors that are often seen as polite are actually illegal.

Motorists face bans and jail if taking their hands off the wheel is deemed dangerous. Drivers also tend to steer their cars on the highway while cruising with one hand, which can lead to loss of vehicle control.

although highway code Not a legal document per se, and you could be fined for not complying.The government also warned that “many of the rules the code is a legal requirement, and these rules are your criminal offense.

“You could be fined, have demerit points on your license or be disqualified from driving. In the worst cases, you could be sent to jail.”

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