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A fire broke out in the Ramona area of ​​the Highlands, burning only about 5 acres of land in the area and is continuing. The fire broke out around Winelands Road and is still blackening the surrounding area. The fire is destroying the area at high speed, the confirmed news comes from California. fire. Firefighters have tried to contain the blaze that has been destroying the entire area since the afternoon of June 22, and it is reported to be destroying a large area and is still destroying it. A large team of firefighters was trying to stop it, and that’s what they’ve been doing since the afternoon after the fire started.Follow our website Gossip World Network Get the latest updates! ! ! ! ! !

Highland Ramona brushes fire today

Highland Ramona brushes fire today

When the fire department gets a call about the news of this blaze, they get there as quickly as possible and work to contain it. The Highland Valley fire, reported Wednesday, is still darkening the area. According to reports, the fire broke out around 4 p.m. on June 22, and it was a very large fire that only burned about 6 acres and has not stopped.The reason it didn’t stop was because the fire was expected to be hot, which showed it was very

It’s hard to stop it, otherwise it will take more time to stop the fire. It’s a bush fire, and in an area like the High Valley, there’s a very, very high number of bushes, and in the heat, when the fire has its original composition, it’s hard to stop it, and that’s what happens here. The fire is very difficult to stop, it just destroys a very, very large area in a very short period of time, either due to out of control or a very bad or big situation. There are many causes of fires in the Highland Valley, but the most anticipated one is the highway.

Highland Ramona brush fire damage update

Highways around the area. Anyone crossing the highway risks being stopped there to urinate or smoke a break, then pee on a brush, and then he smokes a cigarette. When burning a cigarette, many reasons can occur, using a matchbox to light a cigarette and throwing the burning match into a bush could be one. In any other situation, like if he uses a lighter to smoke, then something else happens.

Anyway, if he smokes half the cigarette, then passes the brush that burns half way, and is gone. It’s a chance that could happen, in which case maybe he didn’t even notice that he just fired the brush and he went to his destination. Based on the above expectations, we’re just trying to imagine some reason how the fire got to that place and the brush started to burn. On a road like a big highway, there could be plenty of opportunities, but until. The real reason is in front of us, it just needs to be expected or imagined.

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