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Here are adam levine leaked messages

Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine is in the news for having an affair with Victoria’s Secret angel Behati Prinsloo during their marriage. Adam Levine Leaks Always in vogue. With some new information on the case, the drama surrounding it will only intensify.

He was accused of having sex with four other women online, according to witnesses. He even made a request to one of the women in one of the photos and told her that he would provide her name as inspiration for his third child’s name.

A lot has been said about Levine right now, so I want to clarify, he said in response to infidelity rumors circulating on Instagram. I made the wrong decision to flirt with anyone other than my wife.

Even though I didn’t have an affair, I crossed the line when my life was in regret. When occasionally it became unacceptable, I addressed the situation and took proactive steps to resolve the issue with my family.

Four days later, however, rumours of adultery overshadowed the couple’s pregnancy announcement. According to Instagram model Sumner Stroh, he had an affair with Levine. In a TikTok video uploaded on Monday, Stroh admitted to having an affair with a man married to a Victoria’s Secret model.

“I mean, frankly, I felt like I was being used,” she continued, “but at the time, I was young and naive and stupid. Of course I was easily persuaded because I wasn’t as involved in the scene as I am today.” “.

Before revealing Levine’s identity, Stroh said she and the Maroon 5 singer had been “seeing each other for almost a year.” She then shared two screenshots of what appeared to be direct Instagram messages between the two of them.

Levine appeared to be asking if he could use her name in a second screenshot of the alleged text to name his new child with Prinslow, which Stroh claimed she received after “months” without speaking to him. to this information. The screenshot is dated Wednesday, June 1 and is said to be from Levine. “Ok, important question.

“I’m expecting again, if it’s a boy, I really want to call it Sumner,” according to Levin’s fictional newsletter. “Are you all right? A shrugging emoji was added after a serious-looking question. .

Sumner Stroh said she had no intention of coming forward, but after showing a friend a copy of the emails, the friend decided to sell the screenshots to the tabloids, leaving Sumner Stroh with no choice but to post the screenshots himself.

Here’s what Adam Levine leaked

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