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Headteacher Banned After Making Suggestive Comments To Staff About Their Breasts

former class teacher Has been banned from teaching indefinitely after making sexual and suggestive comments about female staff.

Paul Scott, 54, was caught by a teaching watchdog panel after he made a series of inappropriate comments such as “If you’re struggling I’d love to touch your boobs” and “They’re a Nice guinea pigs, I want to give them a squeeze” and other flirty remarks like “seeing you in underwear would be a really good start”.

Mr Scott, who is the head of the Botanic Gardens Primary School School In Derby, other unprofessional and inappropriate comments were also found to be made about the appearance of several female staff, Pregnant and what they wear.

Some of the comments included “I saw you were wearing big pants today”, “I was distracted, you have pictures of dinosaurs on your chest” and “You usually wear longer clothes, today your skirt is shorter”, the panel said. hear.

In a newly released report on the hearing derbyshire liveThe panel found it demonstrated that Mr Scott “referred to other people in a derogatory way”, such as his comments about students who were “a bit crazy” when they and their parents were present, and “I’m used to teaching white middle- After he taught a group of less able students, the kids in the class were like sponges.”

Mr Scott is Headteacher at Derby Botanic Gardens Primary School


Derby Telegraph/Ian Hodgkinson)

The panel also said it was satisfied that Mr Scott had indulged in inappropriate physical contact with staff, such as hugging, “acting in this manner without the staff’s consent”.

The panel concluded that in the circumstances it was not surprising that Mr Scott was unable to recall every physical contact “particularly when he did not consider the conduct unpleasant”.

Mr Scott, who was appointed head of the school in 2016, admitted some charges and denied others, and said he could not recall some of them during the hearing.

The team found the following behaviors to be associated with consideration of a teaching ban:

  • Elements of personal and professional conduct that deviate significantly from teacher standards
  • abuse of position or trust
  • sexual misconduct
  • Failing to act on evidence that the welfare of the child may be at risk
  • Failing to perform a duty of care for a child, including placing the child at risk or failing to promote the safety and welfare of the child

Deliberate acts of disruption to students, careers, schools, or colleagues.

Mr Scott was also found to have made other unprofessional and inappropriate comments


Derby Telegraph/Ian Hodgkinson)

The panelists considered Mr Scott’s “otherwise impeccable record” and were shown “some positive depictions of Mr Scott’s character in written and oral evidence”.

They concluded: “He participated in these proceedings and attended this hearing. He admitted a number of charges.

“Mr. Scott apologizes for his actions and acknowledges and accepts that he has not lived up to the standard expected of him. In this regard, Mr. Scott has shown regret and remorse.”

But the panel concluded that “Mr. Scott’s conduct fell well below the standards expected of the industry. The findings of misconduct are serious as they include inappropriate comments and conduct, inappropriate physical contact, Failure to fulfill duty of safeguard and sexual harassment”.

It was decided that Mr Scott would be able to apply for the injunction to be lifted, but only until 3 November 2024, which is two years from the date the injunction was issued at the earliest.

The decision added: “This is not an automatic right to have the ban lifted. If he does apply, a panel will meet to consider whether the ban should be lifted. If the application is unsuccessful, Mr Scott will be banned from teaching indefinitely.

“The two-year period will provide sufficient time and opportunity for Mr Scott to, if he chooses, take steps to fully recover and remedy his conduct and to demonstrate that he has advanced his understanding of the nature, impact and impact of his conduct. In the panel view.

Staff reported Mr Scott’s conduct to the Derby Diocesan Academies Trust in April 2019, who took charge of the school in February 2019.

He was suspended on May 15, 2019, pending further investigation. A disciplinary hearing was held on July 15, 2019, and Mr Scott unsuccessfully appealed his decision. His case was referred to the teaching regulator on 25 October 2019.

Mr Scott has the right to appeal to the High Court, King’s Court, within 28 days of receiving notice of the injunction. The Diocesan Trust has been asked if it would comment on the case.

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