Harriet Tendler- All About Charles Bronson’s Ex- Wife

Harriet Tendler is an American author and radio host, best known as the ex-wife of the late Hollywood action star Charles Bronson. He is best known for his action and war films such as “The Man with the Camera”, “Texas 4”, “Guns of Diablo”, etc.

Harriet Tendler Age and Biography

Harriet was born in 1929 and will be 93 years old in 2023. She was raised in a Jewish family in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Harriet is also white and of American nationality.

Speaking of her parents, her father was a successful Jewish dairy farmer. However, she did not reveal his name or the identity of her mother. Her father has been described as a “widowed farmer”, suggesting her mother died when she was very young.

In 1947, Harriet attended the Bessie V. Hicks School of Stage, Screen and Broadcasting in her hometown of Philadelphia as a teenager. There, she met the love of her life, Charles Bronson. Would you like to know more about their relationship? continue reading!

Charles Buczynski and Harriet Tendler

Harriet met ex-husband Charles Bronson, 26, when she was 18At the time, his name was Charles Dennis Buczynski, who later changed his name to Bronson. As previously mentioned, the two met at school, with Buczynski eighth grade her senior. They are both interested in pursuing a career in show business.

Charles Buczynski and Harriet Tendler

The former couple decided to get married after dating for a while. Regardless, Harriet’s father disapproved of their relationship because Buczynski was Catholic and they were Jewish. In addition, the groom at the time had no stable source of income because he worked in a coal mine. In fact, on their first date, he had only four cents in his pocket.

Still, Harriet and her ex-boyfriend managed to convince her father to agree. On September 30, 1949, Tendler married her then-boyfriend Bronson in Atlantic City, New Jersey. She was by his side in his difficult times and they have been together for more than ten years. Nonetheless, the couple divorced in 1965.

Tendler and her husband have two children

Although the couple divorced, Harriet and her partner Charles had two beautiful children during their marriage. After their marriage, the former couple had their first child on February 27, 1955, and named her Suzanne Bronson. After a six-year hiatus, the couple welcomed a son, Tony Bronson, in February 1961.

Tendler is raising the children alone because her husband works away from home most of the time. She stayed home with the kids while her ex-partner made his way in Hollywood.

Harriet and Charles Bronson’s Divorce

Harriet did everything in her power to support her husband during difficult times, raising children aloneBronson, on the other hand, later had an affair with his young co-star Jill Ireland.

Charles Buczynski

With the support of his wife, he becomes one of the most successful actors in Hollywood, but it is Jill who stands in his wayHowever, Harriet claimed that the reason for their estrangement was not his affair with the actress, but her husband’s approach to fame.

Furthermore, the celebrity’s wife stated in an interview with WAMG that Charles is only in the business for the money. So he doesn’t care to look at his work, always interested in what happens next.

What happened to Harriet Tendler after the divorce?

No, there is no evidence that she was in a relationship with anyone after the divorce. She’s happy with her job and doesn’t see the need for another partner.

Meanwhile, his ex-husband married his co-star Jill Ireland and had an affair with him. On October 5, 1968, they married and had a daughter, Zuleikha Bronson. Tragically, she died of breast cancer on May 18, 1990 at her home in Malibu, California at the age of 54.

What is Harriet’s net worth?

We don’t know how much Harriet makes because she doesn’t disclose her total assets.HoweverWell, according to multiple tabloids, Bronson’s first wife had a net worth of between $1 million and $5 million.

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