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Guy Pearce Denies Twitter ‘feud’ With Cate Blanchett After Now-deleted ‘shady’ Remarks

Fans shocked by apparent ‘beef’ between Australian film stars Guy Pierce and cate blanchett.

The couple are two Hollywood superstars from Australia and have not turned against each other before – at least not in public.

But that seemed to change when the LA Confidential star shared some negative tweets after Kate won a Critics’ Choice Award for her performance in Tar.

Fans were quick to point out his behavior on social media sites, causing him to delete his words and later release a statement assuring fans that they were not involved in the feud.

Gay’s comments as Cate Blanchett wins Critics’ Choice Awards


John Sarangsan/REX/Shutterstock)

His first tweet seemed innocent after he publicly endorsed Ana De Armas for an award he called an “incredible performance.”

While there seemed to be nothing out of the ordinary in that interaction, Guy followed up after Kate’s win, writing sarcastically, “Charming choice…”.

He followed up with “ah no thanks” after a post on one of Cate Blanchett’s fan accounts included the actress posing for a bondage-inspired photo.

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Fans quoted his response on Twitter, seemingly confused by his “beef.” “Why Guy Pearce and Cate Blanchett have conflict lol,” On wrote, followed by a crying emoji.

“Wondering why Guy Pearce is so passive-aggressive towards Cate Blanchett,” another user asked.

Another third said: “Guy Pearce and Cate Blanchett have a unilateral feud and the Internet is in turmoil.”

However, after he deleted his words, Guy started denying any rift, writing: “Don’t be scared. No beef at all. I’m just being sarcastic. I love Miss CB. She’s amazing…one of our best !”

He quickly deleted his post and tried to deny any rift


AFI’s Getty Images)

However, some fans weren’t convinced by his denials and decided to dig deeper into the couple’s past.

Someone found a 2008 article in which Guy seemed to have a problem with Kate’s salary. Referring to the comments, 9Honey said Gay was set to star in a Melbourne Theater Company production of Poor Boys, but declined the same role at Sydney Theater Company.

He reportedly said he would only do so if the actress who was at the helm of STC at the time offered him the same salary that she received.

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