GTA 5 Online weekly update time today for Last Dose missions (March 16)

When is GTA 5 Online The Last Dose going on sale? With the release date here, Grand Theft Auto fans should know that today’s weekly update is March 16th.

Rockstar has announced that this is the final chapter of the Los Santos Drug Wars expansion. Fans of Grand Theft Auto have been enjoying the expansion since December, and it adds a lot of fresh content, including new story missions, cars, and businesses to run.

The Los Santos expansion pack has been great since it launched last year, but today we see the final dose of the finale arrive.

What time is the weekly update in GTA Online?

GTA 5 Online The Last Dose’s release date is March 16, and today’s weekly update should be at 02:00 PST, 05:00 ET, and 10:00 GMT.

game console The aforementioned release date has been confirmed on Twitter. It should launch at the times mentioned above, as they are typical Grand Theft Auto update times, but sometimes patches arrive a little later than usual.

Either way, new content always arrives on Thursdays. You can also find the location of the gun cart today.

When is the final dose of Grand Theft Auto coming out?

The release date for GTA Online The Last Dose is March 16, and it will be released alongside weekly updates.

It’s available on PlayStation and Xbox, as well as PC. Rockstar’s Los Santos Drug War newswire Say it contains five new story missions.

Not many details were provided, but Rockstar Games said the five new story missions will finally “unravel the mysterious connection between Los Santos’ illegal drug trade and the pharmaceutical industry.”

Additionally, Dr. Isiash Friedlander returns in what was described as a “baffling and twisted” finale.

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