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Goiti Yamauchi Says It’s the Beginning of His Era

In his second fight as a welterweight, Goiti Yamauchi won the biggest win of his career Friday at Bellator 284.

He also became the first man to finish fellow Brazilian Neiman Gracie in a fight, taking care of a perfect uppercut.

“It feels amazing. It’s the product of hard work, grit and dedication, not just for this camp, but for my life,” Yamauchi (28-5) said after the game. “I’ve been trying to have this moment, and this moment has become — I think it’s the beginning of an era, the beginning of my era, the beginning of the best time of my life.”

“All I can say is thank you to everyone who came to watch and helped me get here,” he added.

Like Gracie’s game against Logan Storley, the fight against Yamauchi is all underfoot. “That game was the only one I studied because I knew he wouldn’t change much from that game,” Yamauchi revealed. “They had a hell of a fight, it was a hell of a fight, two fighters, two absolute fighters. I watched the game and I could see I could get Neiman to make some mistakes and take advantage of it, which That’s what I did.”

In the 170-pound class, Yamauchi was preceded by fighters such as Jason Jackson, interim champion Logan Storey and champion Yaroslav Amosov who gave up fighting to defend their homeland of Ukraine from Russian attack.

“I just want to fight one of those guys. Fighting Storey would be amazing,” Yamauchi said Friday. “I like his style, he’s a great fighter, a great fighter. It looks like he has a lot of fuel tanks and he likes to fight. It’s my game so it’s going to be a good one, I’m honored to compete with champion Stowley.”

Watch the full Bellator 284 post-race press conference with Goiti Yamauchi above.


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