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Gilbert Burns Frustrated With Lack Of Opponents, Happy To Fight Magny

RIO DE JANEIRO — UFC welterweight Gilbert Burns is looking forward to making a splash at UFC 283 on Saturday night as he heads to the Octagon to face Neil Magny in Brazil.

“It’s a pleasure to be here. My wife and kids just got here. A lot of friends come and I think I sold a lot of tickets. I’m going to talk to the boss and see if he can give me something because I sold a lot votes, so I’m happy,” Burns told reporters Wednesday.

Burns (20-5) currently ranks No. 5, but he will face No. 12 Magny, who ranks below him. Burns expressed a bit of frustration at not having a higher-ranked opponent.

“I was upset because after the fight with Khamzat (Chimaev) I went to the office. I had a great meeting with Dana (White) and Hunter (Campbell). They said they were going to give me a big fight. We sort of agreed, The name was (Jorge) Masvidal. Fights were offered for November and December. I didn’t fight, and then I saw them arrange a card in Brazil. I said ok, I’m back in Brazil,” Burns said. Say.

“You guys wanted me to go there and they said yes so we had a fight here and I was just waiting for the opponent. They tried Masvidal I don’t know what happened. They also tried Belal Muhammad but they didn’t take it . I’m happy because I was watching that game and Neil Magny called me out.”

Burns was delighted to find an opponent for the card in his home country.

“Just called Ali (Abdulaziz, Burns manager) and I texted Dana and said hey, if everyone (everyone else) says no, I’m going to talk to this guy (Magney) Fights. I don’t care. To a certain extent … just give me someone, you know, and I’m glad he’s Neil Magny,” Burns said.

“He stepped up, so I like that.”

Magny (27-9) will take on Daniel Rodriguez in November 2022.

“I’m definitely not ignoring (Magny). It’s hard to get me to focus on it because everyone (asks) what’s next? I say there’s no next. I can say Colby (Covington) is next, next is This guy, but if I lose to Neil Magny, then I’m four steps behind. So I focus on this guy,” Burns said.

“The guy is long. 6-foot-3, good range, a lot of experience, has fought a lot of guys. I was kind of expecting him to try and throw a lot of knees. Try to stay out. If I was in a rush to get in, I think he would try Go for it a little bit. It’s smart. I won’t let this guy go.”

Burns may not be talking about who’s next, but he might be next. Jorge Masvidal has spoken of a match against Burns in London in March that would allow Burns to turn things around quickly.

“If all goes well, I pass by Neil Magny and they ask me ‘do you want a transfer?’ I will. No doubt, if they give me a fight, I’ll take it,” he said.

“But I think it depends. I get into a fight with the guys behind me, and then assuming I beat those two, I’m still going to pass Colby. We’ll have to see what makes more sense. If all goes well… I Will try to move on, you know.”

Watch Gilbert Burns’ entire media day discussion above. Burns takes on Neil Magny at UFC 283 in Rio de Janeiro on Saturday night.

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