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Ghislaine Maxwell calls Prince Andrew photo with underage girl a ‘fake’ — again

In a video interview from prison, Ghislaine Maxwell claims an infamous 2001 photo shows prince andrew He had his arms around a kid who was 17 at the time Virginia Giuffre is fake. The photo was crucial in legitimizing Giuffre’s allegations of sexual abuse against the now-disgraced royal.

“I didn’t believe for a second that it was true,” Maxwell told TalkTV at a Florida prison where she served 20 years to help recruit teenage girls for the deceased teenager. Jeffrey Epstein”It’s a fake…there was never an original, and no photos.” I’ve only seen copies of it. “

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Maxwell’s comment appears in Reporting in the UK Prince Andrew is exploring legal options to overturn his sexual assault settlement with Giuffre. Global News could not independently verify the claims.

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US court documents contain photos of Prince Andrew and Virginia Giuffre together.

United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit

Prince Andrew has never been criminally charged for allegedly having sex with Giuffre when he was underage, and has vehemently denied that they ever met or that any sexual activity occurred between them.last year he A sexual assault lawsuit was settled Giuffre sued him in US courts and reportedly paid more than $16 million.

In proceedings, Prince Andrew Stripped of his royal patronage and military titles.

Throne down: Queen strips Prince Andrew of royal patronage and military titles in sex abuse civil suit

In a controversial interview with the BBC in 2019, Prince Andrew questioned the veracity of the shocking photo, which not only shows him with Giuffre but also Maxwell in the background.

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“I don’t believe the photo was taken the way it was suggested,” he said at the time. “It’s a photo of a photo…. No one can prove whether that photo has been doctored.”

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Prince Andrew’s potential motion to overturn his multimillion-dollar settlement with Giuffre is in doubt.

Lisa Bloom, a Los Angeles attorney representing some of Epstein’s victims, threatened on Twitter that “Andrew’s attorneys are experienced top (not to mention expensive) attorneys… .”

“Andrew himself is a grown man, 61 years old, of sound mind and fully capable of handling his legal affairs. A judge will not allow a competent adult to simply tear up the settlement agreement.”

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Maxwell admitted Giuffre “traveled with” Epstein, a sex offender who was on trial for running a pedophile ring with the rich and famous before his death in 2019.

“I know Virginia is traveling with Jeffrey, so it’s totally possible,” Maxwell said of the photo of Prince Andrew. “It’s not something that’s so outrageous in left field that it can’t happen.

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“But the photo doesn’t look real. I don’t recall it being taken. I don’t recall Virginia and Prince Andrew ever meeting.”

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This isn’t the first time Maxwell has referenced the photo; in an interview for the October 2022 Paramount+ special, she expressed doubts about the image’s authenticity.

“I don’t recognize that photo, I don’t believe it’s a real photo,” Maxwell said. said at the time”There’s nothing original… there’s a lot of other stuff out there, and it’s hard for me to get into.”

In a recent prison interview, Maxwell said she could help in the following ways Ukraine.

“Prison is truly one of the most brutal and terrifying experiences anyone can go through. Literally the only thing that drives me and keeps me sane is my belief that I can still give something away,” Maxwell said.

“If the war in Ukraine is still going on, I can use my EMT emergency medical technician and paramedic skills and maybe I can go out and help there.”

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She also added that she regretted meeting Epstein.

“I wouldn’t say every man I fell in love with was a mistake. Some of them were wonderful and are still very good friends. My biggest regret is obviously Epstein.”

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