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Get To Vika Abbyaeva! Her Ethnicity, Net Worth, Age, Bling Empire

Bling Empire was a hugely successful Netflix series about the lives of wealthy, wealthy East and Southeast Asian Americans living in the Los Angeles area. So the show’s creators have come up with the latest spinoff, Bling Empire: New York, which is pretty much the same as the original, except it follows some real-life Crazy Rich Asians based in New York.

Vika Abbyaeva is one of the cast members of Bling Empire: New York. Continue reading this wiki article to learn more about her.

Bling Empire New York: Are Vika Abbyaeva and Richard Chang still together?

Vika Abbyaeva met Richard Chang, chief growth officer at Hudson Medical and star of Bling Empire: New York around 2020. After knowing each other for months, the pair moved together before the COVID lockdown. Vika and Richard have to spend a lot of time together so they can bond.

“I could easily have dated a thousand times over the last few years. I had to try a lot of different flavors to know what I really liked. But then, I met Vika,” Richard once said on the Netflix show said in.

However, as we’ve seen on the show, the couple did face major obstacles in their relationship. When Vika mentioned that she was planning a girls-only trip to the Bahamas, Richard told her not to go because he didn’t want Vika to be alone with them.

As Calvin Klein’s former director of merchandising, Richard even called Vika “stupid,” even though he was aware of Richard’s fights with several girls, and he even considered the move.

Richard immediately knew what he had done wrong and regretted what he had said. In fact, Vika didn’t speak to him the entire weekend in the Bahamas.

After learning that Richard didn’t want Vika on the girls trip, Lynn, another star of the Netflix show, claimed, “Why would he tell you what you can or can’t do?” Yes sided with her boyfriend and explained he was only protecting her, which angered Lynn, who called Vika “brainwashed”.

While Richard did apologize to Vika immediately after she returned from her trip, she did warn him that she would not speak to her again if Richard made the same mistake again.

Richard is ready to propose to Vika after getting hints from his mother and brother, unaware that another painful moment in their relationship awaits after he first hurt his girlfriend and called her “stupid” is happening. Agreed to go on a girls’ trip.

Halfway through the proposal, when Richard was sharing his plans for their future, Vika interrupted to say she wasn’t ready to marry at such a young age. While the Netflix star admits she’s in love with Richard and believes they’ll have the best time together for the rest of their lives, Vika doesn’t think it’s a “good time” for her to get married at all.

The couple’s massive 11-year age gap certainly wasn’t the reason Vika stopped Richard from proposing, as we now know the duo is still together.

Vika and her partner Richard Chang shop at a Gucci store in Italy.

Judging by their social relationship, the couple lives happily together in their New York home and occasionally takes vacations together. Some time ago, the two were on vacation in Italy. According to Richard’s social profile, he and Vika also shopped at Gucci during their stay in Italy.

Vika Abyaeva age

According to Distractify, Vika Abbyaeva is 27 years old at the time of writing.

What race is Vika Abbyaeva?

Vika Abbyaeva is of mixed ethnicity, she is half Russian, half Kalmyk. In addition, she may also have Chinese ancestry, as she posted a photo of a Chinese New Year celebration on February 18, 2019 on Instagram.

Vika Abbyaeva Work

Vika is a professional model. In addition, she loves to travel. On her Instagram, we can see a lot of Vika’s travel photos.

Vika used to travel alone before dating Richard, and now has her boyfriend with her wherever she goes. Judging from Vika’s social circle, she has been to more than six countries. On her Instagram, she shares photos from vacations in Italy, Spain, Israel, Mexico and elsewhere.

What is Vika Abbyaeva Net Worth?

Vika’s net worth is estimated to be around $400,000, while her husband, currently chief growth officer at Hudson Medical + Wellness, has a reported net worth of over $2.5 million.

Vika Abyaeva height

The youngest actor on Netflix’s Bling Empire: New York cast, Vika, has an average height of 5 feet 7 inches.

Related FAQs

  • When is Vika Abbyaeva’s birthday?

Vika Abbyaeva celebrates her birthday every June 12th. Her boyfriend Richard wished her a happy 27th birthday in an Instagram post on June 12, 2022.

  • Where does Vika Abbyaeva live?

Bling Empire: New York star Vika Abbyeva apparently lives in New York.

  • Is Vika Abbyaeva on Instagram?

Vika Abbyaeva has more than 7,000 followers on Instagram @vika.abby.

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