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Get To Know TikTok Brittany Broski Family: Mom, Dad, Siblings!

Brittany Alexis Tomlinson, also known as Brittany Broski, is a social media influencer, comedian and singer. She shot to fame in August 2019 when a video of her tasting kombucha for the first time went viral on TikTok. As of January 2923, she has 7.2 million followers and 326.3 likes on the social media platform. Having said that, we will now talk about her family, her parents and her siblings in the rest of the writing.

Who Are Brittany Brodsky’s Family Members?

Brittany Broski was born on May 10, 1997, to parents Heather Long and Jeff Tomlinson, then living in Dallas, Texas. Plus, Brittany wasn’t her parents’ only child. She also has siblings.

Here’s what we know about each of them.

Meet Brittany Broski’s Mom, Heather Long

Brittany Broski’s mom, Heather Long, is one half of the ghost-hunting duo texas ghost girlShe and her friend Joanna Sauceda have been conducting home inspections and meeting with other local paranormal groups across the state at least once a month to investigate potential haunting and ghostly activity, and it’s been a good time. It’s time.

A former teacher, she has been fascinated by the mystical all her life. She said she always knew she had a sixth sense.

Fast forward to October 2021, and after hundreds of ghost hunts, Heather received her Ph.D. in Metaphysical Parapsychology from the University of Sedona.

Most recently, effective August 28, 2022, Heather also began serving as an advisor for the Conroe Independent School District.

She also studied at Texas A&M University (class of 1991) and the University of Scranton that year.

Heather was born in June 1969 . Therefore, she turns 53 in 2022. She married Jeffrey L. Tomlinson aka Jeff on May 11, 1991 in Brazos County, Texas. However, they separated on 5 December 2000. Heather (Long) Tomlinson has since returned as “Heather Long”.

Meet Brittany Broski’s Father, Jeff Tomlinson

When asked, “How have friends and family reacted to your fame?” Brittany Broski told sound Back in August 2020, her parents were very supportive of her. She said her dad especially made her cry because he was ashamed that she had been fired. She worked in trust and investment services and was fired for “hanging out” on the internet.

Regardless, Brittany’s father, Jeff, was serving in the U.S. Air Force at the time. He was a pilot who flew A-10 fighter jets for a while before switching to training NATO students. So Brittany shared this job with her father, requiring them to grow up all over the southeastern United States. The family even lived in Korea for a while while he was working there.

Jeff has been retired from this job since 2014. More recently, he’s been serving as a liaison between the engineers who design the plane’s software and the pilots who fly it.

In September 2022, Jeff will be 54 years old. He is the son of Cookie and Ed Tomlinson of Flower Mound, Texas. Ed, in case you need to know, attended the University of Maryland, Baltimore Institute of Technology High School, University of Notre Dame, and Harvard Business School for Executive Education.

How many siblings does Brittany Brodsky have?

Brittany Broski has a sibling. Her older sister Sarah graduated from high school in June 2021. She also mentioned an older brother, and gifted him a Skywalker helmet and matching Rick and Morty shirt.

Brittany Broski with her siblings in August 2022 (Image: Instagram)

Her fans also saw Brittany and her siblings try and fail at homemade sushi rolls last June, when Brittany claimed she “pissed off” laughing while making the video.

Related FAQs

  • Where does Brittany Broski’s family live?

Brittany’s mother, Conroe, was born in Texas and at the time of this writing calls Willis, Texas home.

Brittany’s father, on the other hand, lives in Miramar Beach, Florida with his now wife, Melissa Humphreys Tomlinson.

The rest of Brittany’s family also appears to live in Florida.

Meanwhile, Brittany continued to live in Los Angeles.

  • Is Brittany Broski’s family British?

Brittany Broski is not British, and the same applies to her family. Her TikTok profile says she’s British, which is apparently part of a joke, referring to the fact that people often say Brittany looks like she’s from across the pond.

  • How close is the Brittany Broski family?

Despite coming from divorced parents, Brittany and her siblings seem very close. Brittany also seems to be on good terms with her parents.

  • Are Brittany Broski’s family members in the spotlight?

Brittany Broski’s family didn’t seem to be in the spotlight until Brittany became famous on TikTok. This comes after Brittany went viral as “Kombucha Girl” in a popular TikTok video in 2019. The video shows her reaction to her first kombucha. Today, she’s one of the funniest stars on TikTok.

Since then, Brittany has amassed millions of followers on TikTok with her hilarious skits, fake British accent and offbeat humor.She also dabbles in YouTube and Twitter, while also delving into podcasting Violation of Community Guidelineswhich she co-hosts with Sarah Schauer.

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