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Get To Know Scarlett Gray Smith Father, Adopted, Net Worth

Meet 5-year-old TikTok star Scarlett Gray Smith. She turned heads after her mum was accused of using her to gain internet fame. This biography includes information about her father, rumors that she was an adopted child, and more.

We cover it all here. So keep scrolling down and find out more.

Who is Scarlett Gray Smith?

Scarlett Gray Smith is a social media star who was born on March 11, 2017, to her mother, Tiania Haneline, at the age of 5. Like most celebrities on the platform, they started TikTok during the pandemic. Tiana uploaded her first tiktok August 2020, and Scarlett.

However, she hasn’t posted regularly in a while, with Tiania mostly posting lip syncs. However, Scarlett’s biracial heritage piqued the interest of their TikTok audience and slowly amassed a large following. Along the way, Tiania also started making makeup tutorial videos. They are mostly recognized for their daily affirmation videos that make them stars.

Scarlett and Tiania begin a daily ritual in which Scarlett recites positive affirmations while her mother brushes her hair. Their affirmation videos have become so popular, the pair have reached 5.6 million followers on TikTok.

Now, Scarlett and Tiania are becoming household names, with 6.1 million followers on TikTok and 274,000 on Instagram. Speaking of her mom, Tiania worked as an assistant property manager for 10 years. She became a full-time content creator when a management company bought the apartment complex where she worked in April 2021.

“I’ve always been the one telling Scarlett I love your curly hair, I think you’re beautiful, I love your brown skin, you’re so beautiful,” Haneline told BTW“I’ve been doing it since she was born.” These positive affirmations have stuck with Scarlett since she was a baby.

“I know how negative people are in the real world, so I thought it was okay, she had to know that she was flawless and beautiful, so I felt like I had to instill that in her,” Tiania said.

However, she and her sister have also been accused by the recipients of using their mixed race daughter For influence. In fact, in January 2023, she found herself in trouble for misbehaving with Scarlett while living online.

scarlett graysmith father

Scarlett Gray Smith has shared little information about Scarlett Gray Smith’s father. However, there is also content surrounding the father of the child.On YouTube, as early as June 2021, Scarlett and Tiania are on father’s day There they prepared a present for Scarlett’s father. But, they’ve always kept You-Know-Who a mystery.

A fan asked Scarlett what her father’s name was.they made a Hilarious TikTok Scarlett said it was Tyrell. The name even became a joke among followers. In the same video, Scarlett later corrected the name, saying her father’s name was Trevin/Tevin.A picture of her father used to appear in father’s day.

Scarlett’s father and Tiania met on Tinder. December 25, 2015. They officially started dating in January 2016. They were on and off throughout the relationship. The day after she found out she was pregnant with Scarlett, the parents broke up again. They tried to work together, but without success.

Scarlett’s father moved to California to pursue an acting career and completed a master’s degree in acting. He came back 13 months later and they tried to get it working again and they failed. Now they raise their children together.

Was Scarlett Graysmith adopted?

No, Scarlett Gray Smith was not adopted. She is Tiana Haneline’s biological child and the youngest child.

scarlett graysmith siblings

Scarlett Gray Smith has two half-brothers from her mother’s ex-wife. They were named Riece Alexander Walden and Walker Chase Walden. Reice turns 15 in January 2023. The oldest, Walker, turns 17 in September 2022.

Tiania was previously married to ex-husband Michael Walden, 42, of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. They grew up together and both had older siblings who went to preschool together, so their parents were best friends. They didn’t start dating until after high school and became inseparable.

Michael and Tiania got engaged when they were 21 years old. They married in 2002 and moved to Nashville, Tennessee. However, after the birth of their young son, the marriage fell apart, but Tiania claimed she didn’t want a divorce because she didn’t want the marriage to fail.

Michael is an American painter and graphic designer artist/voice actor/script and screenwriter.

Although they are now divorced, their relationship is still very good. As for her boyfriend, she is currently dating Randy Watson and is herself the father of a girl named Sheena Simmons, his underage daughter.

What is Scarlett Gray Smith’s Net Worth?

As of 2022, Scarlett Gray Smith’s net worth should be under $100,000, but her mom handles all the financial aspects.They have a book coming out in January 2023, you can check out their website.

Related FAQs

  • How old is Scarlett Graysmith?

Scarlett Gray Smith was born on March 11, 2017. Therefore, she is 5 years old.

  • Where is Scarlett Gray Smith from?

Scarlett Gray Smith is a native of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

  • Is Scarlett Gray Smith on Instagram?

No, Scarlett Gray Smith has her own IG account.

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