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Get To Know Nam Laks Family, Net Worth, Age, Bling Empire

Nanle’an Shining Empire: New York portrayed as a spoiled rich kid. She squandered her daddy’s money without thinking, and because of this, she was in danger of being cut off financially!

Read on Nam Laks Bio to know more about her.

Nam Laks On Bling Empire New York

netflix bling empire spin off Shining Empire: New York The show premiered on January 20, 2023, and like the original, the show follows a group of wealthy Asian-Americans living a lavish lifestyle in New York City. But despite the achievements of nearly all of them, our star Nam Laks still relies on her father to get everything she wants.

However, she is affectionately known as “Thailand’s Blair Waldorf”.

However, her lavish lifestyle could end soon, as her father intends to disown her after graduation if she cannot support herself in New York – the other option is to return to Thailand.

For those who missed the drama, Nam’s decision to buy dresses even though she didn’t necessarily “need” them was the last straw that broke her father. In episode 2, she and Vika Abbyaeva go shopping for clothes during recess at university. There, she tells Vika, “It’s okay, my dad will pay for it,” when the bill comes. But after a shopping spree, Nam’s brother told her “after graduation, dad said you’re on your own, Nam,” adding that their dad would “cancel her card” because she “spends too much.”

How old is Nam Laks?

Nam Laks was 28 years old when he starred Shining Empire: New York 2023.

She was the second youngest cast member that season — the youngest being Vika Abby (27 at the time).

Nanle Family

Nam Laks comes to a wealthy Thai family. Even celebrities say her family is “powerful”.

Her father, Nakorn Laksanakarn, was a Thai businessman who served as Natural Park PCL (National Park).The company in Bangkok was later renamed U city listed company 2015.Find him on LinkedIn @Nakhon Laksa Nakan[email protected]Nakhon La and Facebook @Nakhon Laksa Nakan.

Speaking of her siblings, she has two brothers, Nick and Nino. Laks siblings share a close bond.

Her brother Nino will turn 26 on August 10, 2022.he is Bloxham School and International School of Bangkok (ISB) graduate. Find him on IG @Nino Lax and Facebook @Nino Raxanakarn

As for Nick, he is Imperial College, Royal School of Minesand Tking’s school (Canterbury) graduate. Find him on FB @Nick Laxanakan.

Also, Nam has an aunt named Kingkarn Laksanakarn.she participated Le Cordon Bleu Paris, Regent’s University Londonand straw school. This is her facebook @kingkarn.laksanakarn.

Nam Laks net worth

fans of bling empire Knowing that Nam Laks relies on her father’s credit card. So, it’s hard to say what the actual value of this star is. However, if we look at the Lacks family as a whole, their net worth could be in the $100 million range by 2023.

As for Nan’s education, she attended the International Bangkok School, Harrow International School, and waldingham schoollater earned a bachelor’s degree University of Manchester and master’s degree Columbia University Teachers College.

According to Nam, the only reason she got a master’s degree was because it was one of her father’s biggest dreams. “Like, he just loves his kids graduating,” she explained. Additionally, her father wanted to graduate from New York to help her out of her protected upbringing and comfort zone.

Still, Nam’s newfound independence is anything but financial. She did not rein in her lavish spending habits, nor did she hold any part-time jobs. In fact, she even hired a personal stylist to dress her up for school and events.

“I’m definitely Daddy’s little girl, but Daddy doesn’t always spoil me. There’s a whole way of getting Daddy to say yes,” she says.

Is Nam Laks dating?

Nam Laks has not made public about her dating life. But given her IG posts, she might be having a romantic intimate dinner (always full of flowers) and she might have a boyfriend. This is not Christopher.

While Nam admits she likes Kristoff because he’s a “very nice guy,” she adds him as a friend before they get any further!

Looking back, Nam first met Kristoff at a bar in the Bahamas, when Lynn Ban nearly pushed the charismatic man towards Nam. The two chatted for a while, and later Kristoff paid for Nam’s return ticket.

Since then, the two have kept in touch through text messages and have become friends.

South Leights

Nam Laks is just under 5ft 4in (162cm).

Referring to her regional features, Nam has brown hair and eyes, an oval face and a perfect figure.

Related FAQs

  • When is Nam Laks birthday?

Nam celebrates her birthday on February 4th and she is born under the sign of Aquarius.

  • Is Nam Laks on Instagram?

Find her on Instagram @ from January 2022Namlax Has 11600 fans.

Also, here is her Facebook @Nam Lat.

  • Is Nam Laks still in New York?

No, as of 2023, Nam resides primarily in Bangkok, Thailand. However, she’s also been to New York a few times, which leads us to believe that she divides her time between these two fantastic and raucous places.

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