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Get To Know Jorge Zavala! His Wife, Age, Height, Tough As Nails

season four tough as nails Kicking off with a two-hour special premiere on CBS on January 4, 2023, audiences are introduced to 12 new competitors. Jorge Zavala is one of them. Therefore, we will now discuss him in this article titled “Jorge Zavala Bio”.

Jorge Zavala tough as nails

electronic warfare tough as nails Starting with S04 E01, filmed on Catalina Island in Southern California, Jorge Zavala and others race to replace old boat berths.

Until the January 18, 2023 episode, Jorge is still in the game and not eliminated. He even became the crew owner of Dirty Hands and in the individual competition he even finished 4th behind Mr. 3rd, Sergio 2nd and Laren 1st for 4000 Dollar bonus.

When Jorge is finally allowed to talk about his coming to power tough as nails, he joked on social media about the truly amazing people he’s met along the way. He said real life, real people is what the show is all about, and gushed that he had a blast taking and making the show happen with 11 of America’s toughest competitors.

He also teased the exclusive first 5 minutes a week before launch tough as nails Season 4 is on his Facebook.

Does Jorge Zavala have a wife?

Not only does Jorge Zavala have a wife, but they even have children.According to her Instagram, her name is Joy Zavala and she is a nature lover and adventurer @joy.pz. From what she shares here, it can also be seen that she is a great believer, a great mother, and a great wife.

It is unknown when Jorge and Joy got married. However, they did publicly say they would celebrate their anniversary on June 23. Plus, glimpses of them ending 2018 with a “bling” (engagement) on social media.

Joy has always been a supportive wife. Recently, she could be seen showing great support for her husband in the 200K race. tough as nails.

On Mother’s Day, we see Jorge writing “Happy Mother’s Day to my amazing wife…our kids are so lucky to have such an amazing mom!” alongside an adorable photo of Joey and the kids.

Jorge Zavala & Family October 2022 Kauai Trip (Image: Instagram)

The couple share two children together, while Joy is alone with a daughter from an ex. Now they are a family of five. Ezra Jorge Zavala “Ezzie” was born on February 17, 2020. His IG @ezra.jorge.z is handled by his parents. Here, they mention a few things about him. Like, he’s an avid Dodgers fan, a car, train, and airplane enthusiast, and he loves to laugh. The youngest, Niomie Lake Zavala, was born on June 28, 2022. There is also an IG account dedicated to her (@niomie.lake.z).

Then there is Jhenae, Joy’s eldest son.on private IG @jhenae.adrianashe turns 17 on August 29, 2022.

Jorge Zavala age

Jorge Zavala was born in 1997. Therefore, he turns 25 in 2022.

Jorge Zavala Job

Jorge Zavala is a concrete shaper and union carpenter with Southwest Mountain Carpenters Regional Council. The union was seen supporting him recently in tough as nailsJorge’s partner on the show, Sergio Robles, is also a member of the alliance.

according to comparably.com, as of recent times, the average earnings of a concrete form installer in the United States was approximately $45,422. Jorge’s income should obviously be more than this amount.

Additionally, Jorge previously had a career as a firefighter for a while.

Where is Jorge Zavala from?

Born and raised in West Covina, California, Jorge Zavala is fluent in Spanish and English. Lately, he’s been calling Ontario, California, his home.

Jorge Zavala height

Jorge Zavala looks no less than a flamboyant fashion model, standing just under 5 feet 11 inches tall.

Related FAQs

  • When is Jorge Zavala’s birthday?

Jorge Zavala’s birthday is in October. What date is still unknown.

  • Is Jorge Zavala on Instagram?

Jorge Zavala can be found on Instagram @jorgeezavala_ As of January 24, 2023, there are 141 posts and 636 followers.

He also occasionally showcases his life on Facebook.

  • Who are Jorge Zavala’s parents?

Jorge Zavala’s father is gone. He was Jorge G. Zavala, who died on August 13, 2009, at the age of 34. Although the years spent with him were few, Jorge’s memory of him will last a lifetime. Even today, he misses his presence, writing on social media that he always looks up to him. He remembers him as someone who was always there for him, someone who always wanted the best and worked hard to take care of his family. Today, he also believes his father would be proud of him for being who he is.

Jorge’s mother is Christina Carmen Zavala, also known as Christina Corona. She turns 45 in February 2022. Additionally, at this time she was living in Chino, California, in the west end of San Bernardino County.

Jorge is also growing up with younger sister Carmen Zavala, who turns 24 in 2022. He said he was very grateful that Carmen was Ezra’s “magic Tia” and his good sister.

Other family members we know are his aunts Ana Zavala, Cyn Zavala and Elizabeth Zavala.

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