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Get To Know Catya “Cat” Washington Net Worth, Married, Baddies

Once tomboy Catya “Cat” Washington, aka Elite Gamer, has changed over time to live a glamorous and girlish lifestyle. She Dates Rappers and Celebrities and Appears at Oxygen’s Bad Girls Club In Season 5. She left in episode 6, claiming she felt she was too classy for the show.A lot has changed in her life during this time, until recently when she met 2023 west badassthe Zeus web series, premieres January 22, 2023.

Fans have been looking forward to the next season since the show first aired on the ATL in 2021. So, here comes the new season, and Katya just so happens to be one of the newcomers. Now, let us tell you everything you’ve been wondering about her.

Catya “The Cat” Washington west badass

west badass Back with the badass big tour bus, and even “worse” baddies, including Katia “Cat” Washington as a newcomer.

According to the format of the show, at this western stop, Catya and the other ladies will be performing and hosting in some of the most “brightly lit” clubs the city has to offer. Of course, they’ll also be seen testing each other’s patience and friendship.

The network and its executive producer Natalie Nunn earlier promised and teased that the Wild West just got wilder. However, we as viewers will have to wait and see if this actually happens.

In case you didn’t already know, Catya was sentenced to house arrest just days after leaving the US Bad Girls Club year 2010. This came after she was accused of possessing cocaine, mushrooms, ecstasy and guns in a major drug bust in Pennsylvania. The next year, she was placed under house arrest again. She was released from a Philadelphia jail at the time after spending several days in jail for violating her previous probation.

What is Catya “The Cat” Washington’s Net Worth?

As of January 2023, Catya “Cat” Washington has a reported net worth of over $800,000.

Before that, she was a proud owner-operator Avoir Boutique “Ellenton Premium Outlet”, a womenswear/menswear boutique located in Philadelphia, PA. At the time of writing, Avoir is entertaining 39,200 followers on its IG account @avoirboutiques.

All the while, she’s also continuing to do the same in Philadelphia www.bodybymscat.comclothing line.

In fact, she has owned many more businesses to date, including BBM Cosmetics (@bbmccosmetics on IG) Another clothing brand high class boutique and a company named Liquid Assets Yachting Group.

since leaving Bad Girls ClubCatya has made numerous club appearances, hosted a radio show called Yameen Report, released her 2 singles “Best Friend” and “Just Walk” and played the role of Yonni in the TV movie probe.

Catya “The Cat” Washington Times

Catya “Cat” Washington was born in 1986. Therefore, she turns 36 in 2022.

Is Katya “The Cat” Washington Married?

In addition to being a “Philly jawn,” a “boss lady,” a “gardening enthusiast,” and a “fake professional chef,” Catya also likes to hang around as a “somebody ass ass wife” on her social media. So yes. She is married. And her husband is digital creator Lamont Crooks @crooks_lamont on IG. According to his LinkedIn, Lamont is the owner of Rock the planet beauty supply company.

Catya and her husband wearing their own Avoir boutique “Ellenton Premium Outlet” January 2023 (Image: Instagram)

Plus, she and Lamont marked their 10th anniversary together on Jan. 4, 2023, according to something Catya recently shared on Instagram.

For most of their relationship, Catya managed to keep a low profile. But, every now and then, they do seem to enjoy talking about it on social media. We’ve seen them both gushing over each other on the internet. For example, on Catya’s birthday last year, Lamont wrote about how his lovely wife defines a real woman, inside and out. With love and pride, he said he was happy to say he was her husband.

A year ago, Lamont also briefly mentioned how his other half, his wife, supported him after the deaths of his mother and brother Tony.

Catya was previously in a relationship with rapper Drake.They met on the set of his music video for “Best I ever had,” and after their relationship ended, Drake even appeared on good girl goes bad through the game.

Has Catya “Cat” Washington Had Plastic Surgery?

Details of Catya “Cat” Washington’s plastic surgery were unavailable. As of this writing, she hasn’t even admitted to having experienced it once.

Catya “The Cat” Washington Heights

Beautiful Catya has an hourglass figure and is approximately 5’6″.

Catya “The Cat” Washington Family

Catya’s parents don’t seem to be together anymore.

Her mother, Karen Hasty, mentioned on Facebook that she is “single”.Here, she also mentioned that she had been in Service Masterstudied at a community college in Philadelphia, and is a lifelong native of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Speaking of Catya’s dad, we found out that Catya was talking about him a lot on Twitter. For example, back in July 2012, she tweeted that she was hospitalized with her father because he needed foot surgery. In July 2015, she blessed him on his birthday, saying he was her first love. He was 60 years old at the time.

Catya was also the great-granddaughter of Ula Mae Clemmer, who passed away in May 2004 after a courageous battle with cancer.

Other family members we know are her aunt Crystal Hasty and cousin Kewana Jean Isaacs.

Related FAQs

  • When is Catya “Cat” Washington’s birthday?

Catya “The Cat” Washington’s birthday is January 29, which makes her an Aquarius.

  • Where is Katia “The Cat” Washington from?

Catya “Cat” Washington was born and raised in Pennsylvania.

On Facebook, she mentioned moving to Fort Lee, New Jersey, in 2016. But then Lamont also briefly updated in January 2020 that he and Katia have been living their best lives in Newark and Philadelphia.

  • Is Catya “The Cat” Washington on Instagram?

indeed. Catya “Cat” Washington can be found on Instagram as of January 24, 2023. In fact, here (@mscat215) at the time she also had 485,000 followers and 814 posts.

Also, on her Twitter @MsCat215, she has 48.9K followers.

She also occasionally shows her life Facebook.

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