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The relationship between Returning Amish star Jeremiah Raber and his wife Carmela Raber is full of twists and turns. The couple first met through social media and tied the knot shortly after. Their wedding was well documented in the return to the Amish season 3 finale.

Read the wiki article below to find out if the couple will still be together in 2023. Plus, learn about Carmela Raber’s grandchildren, maiden name, job, and more.

Back to the Amish: Are Carmela Raber and Jeremiah Raber still together?

Jeremiah made his reality TV debut in 2012 when he appeared on the first season of Breaking Amish, following him and four other co-stars as they moved to New York City to experience a different life and decide if they wanted to stay in the Amish community Or stay outside of them.

Shortly after Breaking Amish premiered, Jeremiah split from his first wife, Naomi Stutzman, whom he was married from 2005 to 2011. The two have three children together.

Jeremiah met Carmela, who has four children of her own, through social media and they had a previous relationship. In 2016, Carmela made her reality TV debut with him on Season 3 of the Return to Amish spinoff. Season 3 of the show ended with Jeremiah and Carmela’s wedding.

However, within a year of their marriage, Jeremiah was arrested for domestic violence in response to a complaint filed by Carmela, and the couple made headlines, claiming her husband beat her every day. However, the charges against Jeremiah were dropped in July 2018 after a pre-trial transfer was completed.

The turmoil in their relationship didn’t ease when Jeremiah yelled at Carmel on Facebook in October 2017, accusing her of stealing $15,000 from him. In response, Carmela accused Jeremiah of physically abusing her. “I’m scared but I’m not manipulated by him, he can keep spreading his lies but in the end, [the] The truth will come out,” Carmela wrote in a since-deleted Facebook post.

After bickering with each other in social media posts, the duo reconciled for a second time before breaking up again in 2022. In March 2022, Carmela filed for a restraining order against her husband, claiming he threatened to hold her under 6 feet.

In response, Jeremiah claimed that all of Carmela’s allegations are baseless. Furthermore, he stated in an interview with In Touch in March 2022 that all of her allegations were about what happened in 2017 and were reported at the time.

In May 2022, Jeremiah confirmed his split from Carmela after Carmela filed a restraining order against him. He also wrote on Instagram, “Even if we’re not together, I’ll still love him,” and shared a video of Whitney Houston singing “I’ll Always Love You.”

Now, fast forward to 2023, and it looks like the two are now together again. In response to a user’s comment asking if Carmela is single now, Jeremiah replied: “No, we’re still married and working things out.”

In March 2023, a trailer for Season 7 of Return to the Amish revealed that the couple is now expecting a child.

Carmela Raber grandchildren

Carmela Raber is the mother of four children and a grandson.

Her children are Jordan, River Mendez, Malachi Gibson and Savannah Mendez. Carmela reportedly gave birth to her first child, Jordan, at the age of 16. Carmela posted a photo with her daughter Savannah on Facebook, wishing her child the happiest 7th birthday.

In case you didn’t know, Carmela is also the grandmother of her granddaughter Kehlanni. On June 9, 2018, she posted a photo with her granddaughter Kehlanni. Kehlanni is the daughter of Carmela’s first child, Jordan.

carmela rabbin era

Carmela Raber was born in 1981 and will celebrate her 41st birthday at the end of 2022.

What is Carmela Raber’s maiden name?

Carmela Raber’s maiden name is Mendez. On her Facebook, Carmela shared that the “Mendez” maiden name is known for her pretty face. They are also kind, resilient and strong, according to the post.

Talking about her upbringing, Carmella was raised by a single mother until she was 11 or 12 years old. She attended a religious service, an experience she said was similar to Amish culture.

Sadly, Carmela lost her mother on March 30, 2020. In her memory, Carmela posted a photo of her mom to her Facebook on July 16, 2021.

Carmela Raber Jobs

Talking about Carmela’s work details, she used to work in a restaurant. However, we have no information on her current employment.

For her education, she went to the International Studies Center at Fort Vancouver High School.

In 2022, Carmela also bought a house. Posting on the First Time Home Buying Club, Carmela shared her rather unusual experience where sellers didn’t move on time and Carmela was forced to live in a hotel with her two children.

What is Carmela Raber Net Worth?

As of 2023, Carmela Raber’s net worth is estimated to be over $200 thousand.

Related FAQs

  • When is Carmela Raber’s birthday?

According to, Carmela celebrates her birthday in November. On November 12, 2017, Carmela shared on her Facebook that she was interviewed on her birthday.

  • Where is Carmela Raber from?

According to reports, Carmela Raber is originally from Vancouver, Washington.

  • Is Carmela Raber on Instagram and Facebook?

You can find Carmela Raber on Instagram @carmelaraber, she has more than 7600 fans. Unfortunately, as of March 2023, her account is set to private. You can also follow Carmela on her verified Facebook username.

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