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Get To Know Baddies West Biggie Age, Real Name, Transgender

The Baddies West premiere is in full swing, and Biggie definitely has everyone’s attention. There is so much to say about her. how old is she? What is her real name? Is she the rumored transgender?

Find out as you scroll down this article.

Meet Biggie, one of Baddies West’s new girls

Baddies West is a new show Zeus Network. In addition to giving us some theatrical performances along the way, the ladies will be singing and hosting at some of the most “brightly lit” clubs that cities like Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Portland, and Oakland have to offer.

One of the girls on the show is simply called “Biggie.” She sat on a six-hour plane to audition for Baddies West, and the trip was totally worth it. The star won over the panel, which includes Natalie Nunn, alongside new villains from the show Razor and Stunna Girl.

In stating her reasons for joining the cast of The Baddies, she said: “No big girl makes more money than I do.”

Biggie already has fans backing her to win the show. “I’m so glad Biggie is here because I really like her audition #BaddiesWest,” one fan wrote. Another added, “I think Biggie kind of wants to make a name for herself but she just needs to say A lil #BaddiesWest”.

In the first episode of the show, the first beef that happened was on the bus between Biggie and Cat. Kate said she’s ready to get the money with the team when they get to Vegas. She added that she could organize a party and that she had connections there. Biggie is an event coordinator, and when she hears this from Cat, Biggie asks Cat if she’s a propagandist. Cat denies.

But then Biggie started asking her because she wanted to make sure that in her job, if someone threw a party, that person would be considered the initiator.

However, Kate disagrees with the use of the word, which leads her to misinterpretation. Biggie tries to figure out what Cat is up to. They had small discussions, debates on this topic. But that wasn’t the only beef we saw on the bus, as she also got into an altercation with Stunna Girl on the bus.

One fan spoke about their fight and added, “Biggie was looking for a fight the whole episode and the stunna girl gave it to her. She’s been riding Cat talking about her business but she’s in the confessional after Cat didn’t take the bait Acted like she didn’t want to know, and let me know she’d keep doing it every time for the rest of the season, as long as some gave her the money back.

One fan who watched the show added that she was annoyed that Biggie kept talking about her Dominican heritage. They wrote, “If the boss says she’s Dominican again, I swear we don’t care that you’re from a self-hating country, please shut up.”

Do you know? Biggie is accused of being drug addict.

Is Baddies West Biggie transgender?

Many viewers who have followed Biggie since the audition thought she was transgender. They discussed her gender and sexuality, and there was a whole thread. Because of her deep voice and masculine demeanor, many people mistook her for being transgender.

As for Biggie, she has yet to respond to the allegations.

What is the net worth of Baddies West Biggie?

Baddies West Biggie’s net worth is roughly under $200,000.

Some Instagram posts suggest she may be working as a security guard at the Lit Lounge in Providence (@litloungepvd). In a November 2021 post, she wrote, “In Rhode Island, nightlife is my number one security #atmosphere #nightlife #Safety #comedy #bbw”

according to indeed.coma security guard earns an average of $14.93/hour in Rhode Island.

Biggie loves her job very much and claims that her work loves her.according to indeed.comA security guard in Rhode Island

She is also trying to launch her own website As of this writing, it will be live within 32 days.

Baddies West Biggie Era

As of January 2023, Baddies West Biggie is 26 years old. Her birthday is September 3rd.

What is Baddies West Biggie’s real name?

Baddies West Biggie’s real name has not been revealed.

Baddies West Biggie Height

Baddies West Biggie is just under 5’6″.in one of her Tik Tok, She revealed that she was big and proud.

Is Baddies West Biggie dating?

As of this writing, Baddies West Biggie’s dating life is unclear.

Related FAQs

  • Where did the Baddies West Biggies come from?

Baddies West Biggie are originally from Providence, Rhode Island.

  • Is Baddies West Biggie on Instagram and TikTok?

She is. Here is her Instagram (@pvd_biggie) and Douyin (@pvdbiggie).

  • What do we know about the Baddies West Biggie family?

Biggie has Dominican ancestry, as fans from the same heritage have supported her success on the show. She is also godmother.

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