Get To Know Aris Morton! Age, Job, Height, Love After Lockup

love after lockdown The series premiered on December 16, 2022, introducing viewers to an all-new cast including Ares Morton and Cameron Morton.

The two met online when Aris sneaked into Cameron’s private messages. Aris is fascinated by Cameron’s rising career as a rapper. So it didn’t take long for Aris to admit that she wanted to have his baby when he got out of prison.

Now, love after lockdown What happens when the couple can finally be together should be explored. Did they really make it through? We will tell you more about Aris, especially in this article called “Aris Morton Bio”.

love after lockdown: Are Cameron Morton and Aris Morton still together?

Yes. It seems so.

Cameron Morton on his Instagram on December 19, 2022 @ogkam_bam Share a photo of him showing off the beautiful Aris. They do appear to be in love and hinted that they are still continuing their romance.In the caption, Cameron wrote “Tony and Elvira,” comparing them to the beloved fictional characters in the 1983 American crime drama scarface.

You should also know that these two got married on July 27, 2022. This was apparently kept under wraps for a while for the Douyin of the reality show. But later in November, even their wedding master of ceremonies, M Jane Lankford, was finally allowed to talk about it.Jane, Owner/Principal Consultant in Cincinnati Say I’m a wedding officiant M. Jane Lankford, revealed on her social media that she married Aris and Cameron in a midnight ceremony at Eden Park in July of that year. As she said that, she asked relatives and friends around her to watch their love story and her awards ceremony in the new season. After caring.

In November, Ares also gushed on her own social media about how God gave her a loving husband just when she thought she had hope in her life.

It turns out that Aris also has a beautiful daughter, the result of her past relationship. Her name is Anyelina and she will be 9 years old on January 15, 2022. When celebrating Mother’s Day last year, Aris thanked her daughter for choosing her to be her mother. There was no child like her, she told her “best friend”, her “dear” Lena.

aris morton era

Ares Morton was born after 1990. So, she will be 32 years old in 2022.

As for Cameron, he is likely to turn 30 in December 2022.

Ares Morton height

Aris Morton is over 5 feet 8 inches tall.

Is Aris Morton on Instagram?

Yes. Aris Morton can be found on Instagram @stepyaprettyup As of December 20, 2022, with 7 posts and 4,957 followers.

ares morton work

Now a reality TV personality – Aris is going around as “Mrs.” on her social media. Ogg”. There she also mentioned that she is an artist. In addition, judging from her past photoshoots, she may have also worked as a model.

In her social media posts, she also references youth and success time and time again.

As for Cameron, he is better known by his stage name OG Kam.He is also a self-proclaimed digital creator, with around 17,000 people admiring his talents online Facebook.

In early 2022, Cameron released his single “Dirty”, which he is very proud of. Prior to this, he was arrested by police at Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport in 2018 on charges of possessing a large amount of marijuana.

Airport police were notified that the bags smelt strongly of marijuana. They were watching who tried to retrieve them from baggage claim at midnight. Cameron, one of the two suspects, then tried to escape at the baggage claim level. Cameron, then 26, was thus freed from bail on charges of fleeing or evading police on foot, trafficking marijuana and possessing marijuana.

Bail for Cameron and another suspect was set at $10,000. Both are being held at the Boone County Jail and are scheduled to appear in court.

That’s how Cameron found his way love after lockdown Because this reality TV series is about a couple who fall in love before or during the incarceration of at least one of them.

Related FAQs

  • When is Aris Morton’s birthday?

Aris Morton has not disclosed her birthday yet. However, since her zodiac sign is Cancer, we can be between June 21st and July 22nd.

  • Where is Ares Morton from?

As of 2022, Aris Morton resides in Miami, Florida. It is not known if she was also born and raised in this place.

  • What do we know about the Aris Morton family?

Aris Morton’s brother Eddie is no more. As of this writing, his Instagram @sin_gudda is still live.

So, now it seems there’s only one older sister, and she’s been seen enjoying Easter brunch in Hyde Park, Tampa, Florida, in April 2022.

Additionally, we know her mother-in-law is Stephanie Morton of Fairforx, Ohio, who claims to be a digital creator. At the same time, she worked as a mail handler for the U.S. Postal Service, a claims processor for Prudential Life Insurance Company, and a claims adjuster for the Ohio Employment Service. Xavier University Edgecliff College and Library Technology at Xavier University.

However, Aris’ father-in-law is no longer around. Cameron just celebrated his father’s “first birthday in heaven” in October 2022. His name was Charles “Chuck” Morton.

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