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Get To Know Aqel Carson! His Age, Job, Family, Are You The One?

Meet Aqel Carson, actor of the Paramount+ dating show Are You The One? The dating show returns after a nearly four-year hiatus. So, did he find a partner there? While answering questions, the program will introduce his family, age, work and other details to everyone.

So join us and learn more about handsome dudes with this short bio.

Aqel Carson in Are You The One?

Aquel Carson is one of 22 actors Are you that person? In the introductory video, he describes himself in three words: “beautiful, f—, awesome”. “His height is his best feature, and his lips are because he can kiss so well,” he says. Also, his hair.

Four years later, Are you that person? Returns for season 9 of Paramount+ with an all-new cast of 22 single actors from around the world.

The first international dating show, AYTO, debuted on MTV in 2014, featuring singles from around the world, putting them on romantic getaways in exotic locations. (Previous seasons were filmed in New Orleans, Louisiana, Hawaii, the Dominican Republic, and Puerto Rico.) Before filming, every participant on the show had to pass lengthy interviews and compatibility tests. The program then uses a unique matching algorithm tool to guarantee a “perfect match” for each entrant (minimum of 20).

Over the course of the season, contestants must identify their true love using a “truth booth” that will affirm or refute a couple’s compatibility. Contestants will win $1,000,00 if they correctly identify each real match in 10 or fewer “match ceremonies” or attempts. However, whenever the candidates at these ceremonies were unable to determine any new matches, the prizes were split equally.

Also, it’s worth noting that the show, which had straight couples in previous seasons, switched to a fully bisexual cast in Season 8, and has intersex rivals, allowing any two couples to be their opponents.

The first two episodes of the new season of AYTO will premiere on January 18, 2023.Gran Canaria, one of the largest cities in Spain Canary IslandsAs the backdrop for this year’s show, hosted by Kamie Crawford.

Before the show’s premiere, Aqel announced, “It’s time!! 🎉 So glad I can finally share it with you all! 😁 Watch the exclusive live stream on January 18th #paramountplus catch me in the wildest season #ayto yet!😜🥳 I promise you will not be disappointed. “

What is Aqel Carson Relationship Status?

Although Aqel Carson’s Facebook page says he’s “single,” it appears he hasn’t been on Facebook for a long time. As for whether he found a match, in Aqel’s own words, “you just have to listen to find out 😉”.

acker carson era

In November 2022, Aker Carson will be 26 years old.

acker carson family

Aqel Carson doesn’t reveal much about his parents. However, he has mentioned his mother in some of his social media posts. On Mother’s Day 2022, he posted a photo of his mom and wrote, “Happy Mother’s Day to the best woman on the planet!! You taught me how to be who I am today and I would be lost without you 😩 I love you mom.”

His parents are no longer together. In November 2021, Aqel congratulates his mother on her marriage. He shared, “Words can’t express how much I want mommy to love you! ❤️ Congratulations.”

Likewise, Aqel’s brother Alize married in July 2017. His wife is Tiana Carson, a graduate of Helix High School. He has two Ig profiles (@__azthetrainer) and(@mr_carson__)

In addition, he has a younger sister named Lakisha Carson (@kish_carson).

Fun fact: Aquel appeared on Family Feud with his brother Alize Carson.he also appeared in fear factor and his friends.

Is Aqel Carson on Instagram?

Yes, Aqel Carson on Instagram (@itsreallyak), Facebook (@aqel.carson), and Douyin (@itsreallyak).

acker carson job

In his bio, Aguirre Carson stated that he was an athlete. Aquel attended Southwestern University after graduating from Olympia High School in 2014. There he studied fire science and technology.

During college, Aqel was a student-athlete who participated in track and field. according to world athletics organization, he competed in the 100/200/400 meters between 2014 and 2015. His goal at the time was to compete in the 2020 Olympics. In high school, he played varsity football at RB.

Sadly, in 2017, he had a horrible motorcycle accident That almost killed him. In January 2023, he released a video of lifting his body with his calf after 5 years. The accident may have halted his athletic career.

Related FAQs

  • When is Aqel Carson’s birthday?

Aquel Carson celebrated his birthday on November 8th.

  • Where is Acker Carson from?

Aqel Carson calls Chula Vista, California, his hometown. This also appears to be his current residence.

Aqel Carson is over 6 feet tall. Several tattoos on his body are his distinctive features.

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