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Get To Know Anissa Aguilar Age, Job, Family, Are You The One?

Anissa Aguilar believes in the matchmaking process and matchmakers. However, she doesn’t want experts to reveal her “perfect match” right away, because then she loses the thrill of finding one.that’s why she joined are you that person And share in that amazing $1,000,00 prize.

This Anissa Aguilar Bio explores her life.

Anissa Aguilar On Are You The One?

Finally, after four years, Are you that person? Returning for the ninth edition, 22 contestants from all over the world gathered again to find their right half. Among them, Anissa Aguilar seems to be the one who will motivate and take care of her contestants. After all, the traits she acknowledges are “genuine, trustworthy and loyal”.

Additionally, the star mentioned, “As cheesy as it sounds, I have a heart of gold. I do my best to make you feel loved in every way.” As seen in the promo, she is indeed comforting another contestants.

Recalling her time on the show, Anissa said, “So many people from different backgrounds, beliefs, and mindsets are thinking about what love means to them, so it makes the season more interesting to watch.” She also believes that, It’s the best season ever, and it’s going to be a “wild and fun season” to watch a variety of different shows from around the world find their perfect match.

She “really felt lucky” to be part of the whole experience.

“There aren’t many people who can say they’re on reality TV to find love, money and work under the big streaming platforms like Paramount+/MTV,” she added.

However, being on the show is not an easy task. The entire casting process for the show lasted several months and included calls and Zoom meetings with producers and executives.

For those whose memory needs a jog, every contestant on the show had to go through extensive interviews and compatibility testing before filming. The show has since used special matching algorithm tools to ensure that all contestants are “perfectly matched.” So our goal is to figure out who they are destined to serve through the Truth Booth.

Lisa Aguilar Dating Status

Anissa Aguilar hasn’t revealed who she’s dating in 2023. However, she did share that the villa has “opened her eyes and heart” to see the perfect match she “really needs”. The perfect match is someone who is emotionally intelligent, family oriented, spontaneous, makes me laugh, ambitious, driven, adventurous, and handles everything with great communication.

Overall, her boyfriend inspires, values, selects, and challenges her to be the best version of herself.

Is Anissa Aguilar on Instagram?

Find her on Instagram @alistine.

Also, here is her Facebook @Anissa Aguilar 37.

Anissa Aguilar Job

Anissa Aguilar is a “Teaching Math Coach K-5” Harmony Public School. During her leave in May 2021 to attend Are you that person?

After the show, Anissa plans to continue her teaching job. “I love working in education and plan to continue on that path,” she said.

When Anissa is not teaching, she spends her time as a mental health awareness advocate. She founded the 2112 [email protected]2112.self Speak up for the cause.

As for her education, Anissa holds a Masters in Educational Leadership with A’s in all 13 subjects.

Huang Lijuan’s age

Anissa Aguilar was born on March 12, 1991.when she appears Are you that person? 2023.

Corresponding to her birthday, Anissa is under the sign of Pisces.

Fun fact: On her 31st birthday, Anissa was VLLPhotography.VLL Photography

What do we know about the Anissa Aguilar family?

Anissa Aguilar comes from a family of six. Her parents are Alberto and Laura Aguilar and she has three brothers Alberto, Abraham and Raul Aguilar.

According to the star, when she appeared on are you that person“Honestly, I have the absolute best support team. My friends, family and colleagues have been a blessing to me throughout this entire process. They have been there for me every step of the way,” she said.

Plus, she admits that when she got the last call to put her on the show, “reality sank because the world was about to see me on global television.” But thanks to her family, she’s reminded every day that she is who, and what she has to offer. “It made the whole process easier because I knew I had them in my corner,” she adds.

Besides her parents and siblings, Anissa is also close to her cousins ​​Veronica and Erica Aguilar. In fact, Anissa and Veronica are so close, they claim they “support each other through it all.”

Sadly, Anissa’s grandparents, Raul and Natividad Aguilar, have long since passed away.

Related FAQs

  • How tall is Anissa Aguilar?

Anissa is over 5’4″ (163cm).

Referring to her regional features, Anissa has black hair, brown eyes, and a tattoo above her thigh.

  • Where is Anissa Aguilar from?

Anissa is from San Antonio, Texas. But in 2022, she lives in Laredo, Texas.

“It’s a great honor to represent my city on the show,” she said.

  • Is Anissa Aguilar on Instagram?

Find her on Instagram @alistine and facebook @Anissa Aguilar 37.

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