Georgia Steel, a former contestant on Love Island, reveals how she maintains her fitness through yoga, pilates, and pizza.

Georgia Steel, a contestant on Love Island, reveals how she stays in shape through yoga, pilates, and a pizza treat.

The 24-year-old, who appeared in the fourth series of the ITV2 reality show, credits her toned figure to working out on set days, no matter where she is or how she feels.

Her commitment to fitness, however, is countered by a passion for food.

“It’s all about balance,” she explained. “I travel a lot for work, so I enjoy trying different cuisines in different places – I’m definitely a foodie.”

“You should be able to enjoy yourself.”

When she wants to treat herself, she usually goes for pizza, with pepperoni as her preferred topping.

Georgia has teamed up with Domino’s Pizza to introduce its new “Loyal Card.”

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“I reckon I eat a pizza a few times a month

“Pizza is my go-to takeout because it’s such an easy and delicious dinner option, and it’s ideal for those days when you want something tasty but don’t want to cook.”

“What matters is that you eat healthy foods, exercise, and pamper yourself.”

Georgia has teamed up with Domino’s to launch a new ‘Loyal Card,’ which will be given to all couples from the new series of Love Island and will grant them unlimited pizza for the rest of their lives.

The card, however, is only valid for as long as they remain faithful to each other and in a happy relationship.

Georgia is looking forward to the reality show’s upcoming season to see all of the relationship twists and turns.

“I try to watch the new Love Island series every week to see who is entering the villa.”

“It’s difficult not to when you’re on it, and this year, with the villa being in a new location, I’m interested to see if the villa will have a different layout and any to watch the relationships unfold.”

Georgia says she balances her fitness regimen with a passion for cooking.

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Georgia also has some advice for the contestants this year: be genuine.

“The best thing you can do is just be yourself.

“If you try to be someone you’re not, the viewers and other Islanders will be able to see right through you.”

If asked, she would decline to return to the show.

“I was so young when I went on the show, and it was a fantastic experience, but I think I’m such a different person now that it would be impossible for me to do it.”

By sharing a “stand-out display of loyalty” on Twitter and visiting @Dominos_UK, pizza fans can enter to win a new Loyal Card.

“Scorching dates and piping hot pizza are a match made in heaven,” said spokeswoman Melanie Howe, “so we can’t wait to get stuck into the hottest dating show on TV once more.”

“While we hope we won’t have to revoke any from those who insist on keeping their options open, our new loyal card is perfect for the first date night outside the villa… We’ll do so without hesitation.”

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