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George Fernandes’s biography to be out next month

Biography of George Fernandes will be published next month, #George #Fernandess #biography #month Welcome to 50 Mind BlogHere is our latest breaking news and trending broadcast for you today: :

The first comprehensive biography of the late George Fernandez, India’s former federal defence minister and firecracker socialist leader, will be released next month. Penguin Random House, which will become publisher of the biography “The Life and Times of George Fernandez,” announced the news on Monday.

Penguin Random House India said in a press statement that the book, written by Rahul Ramagundam, will be released on July 25 under the name Allen Lane.

“The Life and Times of George Fernandez” tells the story of the socialist statesman – who was also a union leader and a brilliant orator – in a way never before possible. The title will take readers through Fernandez’s life – from the streets of Mumbai (now Mumbai) to the corridors of power in Delhi.

Ramagondan opened a window into the story of the man best known for leading the All India Railway Workers Federation in May 1974 and calling for a strike of some 1.7 million of its employees, which shut down India for 20 days. This, and many of these stories from Fernandez’s life and careers he so passionately believed in, will be revealed in this book.

In this fascinating biography, Ramagundam also traces the history of the Socialist Party of India: from its formation in the 1930s to its integration into the BJP in the late 1970s.

This book is not only for those who are interested in learning more about Fernandez, but also for those who are curious about history and read about the different circumstances that changed the course of this country.

Premanka Goswami, Associate Publisher, Penguin Random House India, said: “George Fernandez’s life and politics fascinated people from all walks of life. He was committed to fighting for the rights of working-class people; his role in emergencies; “To defeat the all-powerful Congress party from its dominance in Indian politics finds a quintessential expression in this book. We are delighted to release it from Penguin India.”

Commenting on his experience writing the book, Rama Ganden said: “For 12 years I have lived in George’s mind, exploring his soul, interrogating his choices, and walking with him through his highs and lows. Like his pursuit of politics, I put so many things into writing this biography – family and friendship, work and pleasure. I spent weeks sifting through locked archives and brushing away the dust left by the termite family I’ve seen newspaper microfilm on the dim screen of an old machine. His private collection of over a hundred thousand papers has inspired some sort of historian’s greed in me. Strange to make up a story from those disparate documents The tediousness never tires me. Thanks to the faculty at Penguin Press, this book is finally here.”

Some of Ramagundam’s other books include “Gandhi’s Khadi” (2008) and “Including the Socially Excluded” (2017).

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