Gautam Adani’s biography, written by author RN Bhaskar, to hit the stands in October

A biography of Gautam Adani, by author RN Bhaskar, will hit the stands in October, #Gautam #Adanis #biography #written #author #Bhaskar #hit #stands #October Welcome to 50 Mind BlogHere is our latest breaking news and trending broadcast for you today: :

NEW DELHI: A biography of billionaire industrialist Gautam Adani, chairman and founder of Adani Group, will hit shelves in October, Penguin Random House (PRHI) announced on Monday. ‘Gautam Adani: The Man Who Changed India’, by journalist and author RN Bhaskar, claims to reveal for the first time unknown aspects of one of the world’s richest men. It will be released under PRHI’s “Hamish” stamp.

The Ahmedabad-based industrialist oversees a business empire that is now India’s largest port and renewable energy player, as well as airports, city gas distribution, electricity transmission, thermal power, cooking oil and rail lines.

“I met Gautam Adani about 18 years ago when the port of Mundra was being built. What I saw at the time, and what I learned from discussions with key Adani Group people, is that this port can transform the Middle East and The transshipment landscape in India. It could reshape logistics and even make Mundra the country’s first port of destination,” Baskar said in a statement about his upcoming biography.

“I was in Dubai for talks on how this man is changing India’s trade model. I even wrote a cover story for a publication titled: The man who can change India”. After 18 years, I found out that he did,” he added.

According to the publisher, the book delves into a series of interesting anecdotes from Adani’s life that shed light on his childhood, his beginnings in business, and the learning and opportunities he pursued.

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It also talks about business, data, storytelling and hard numbers, giving readers “the story of Gautam Adani that made him the Gautam Adani we know today, making him industry experts, enthusiasts and even young students and professionals” .

What inspired Adani’s motivation and vision? What plot, minor and major, motivated him to make the choices he made, which in turn shaped the world we live in today? Or, are there challenges in his life and how does he deal with them? is one of several questions this book claims to answer.

“Gautam Adani is one of India’s most successful first-generation business leaders and I believe there is no single book that chronicles his story and amazing rise over the past few decades. I am delighted that RN Bhaskar has taken on the task of filling the void and utilizing Years of research, insight and analysis to tell the story of one of the most interesting business leaders in the country today,” said Milee Ashwarya, publisher of Ebury Publishing and Years, PRHI.

Bhaskar is also the author of “Game India: Seven Strategies That Can Lead India to Wealth” (2019).

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