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Gabriel Benitez Overwhelms Charlie Ontiveros

Gabriel Benitez and Charlie Ontiveros, UFC San Diego ceremony weigh-in Credit: Gabriel Gonzalez/Cageside Press

After overcoming injuries and even PTSD, Charlie Ontiviros returned to UFC San Diego to fight Gabriel Benitez and look for his first win inside the Octagon.

Benitez has also lost two games in a row, four of his last five games. However, he corrected his course on Saturday, making a statement in San Diego at the expense of Ontiveros.

Gabriel Benitez opened with a kick but Antiviros fired back with his number before the pair began to scramble for the ball and start against the cage. Benitez had a solid combination at half-time, while Antiviros hit the target with a fine right hand and a fine axe kick.

Benitez continued forward and threw, but Antiviros circled and looked for a counter-attack while kicking. Benitez dodged under another axe kick and clenched on the cage, where he worked his elbow until the referee stepped in for a knee flick on Ontiveros.

After a pause, the two touched gloves and Benitez exchanged again, hitting Antiviros with a heavy punch, sending him back into the cage. Benitez pounced on the injured Ontiveros and secured a combo before knocking Ontiveros to the mat. There, he took a fixed position and punched the Ontiveros, forcing the referee to step in and declare the fight.

Official result: Gabriel Benitez def. Charlie Ontiveros by TKO, Round 1, 3:35


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