Full House Actress Jodie Sweetin Being Thrown To Ground By LAPD Officer Video Went Viral On Social Media!

A video of Judy Sweeting going viral online shows the activist and actor being pushed away by a police officer. According to sources, the police are in charge of and reining in those who rebelled against the Supreme Court. The video was filmed and posted online, and many people were offended by the police’s horrific behavior, with many mocking the LAPD for it. When the rebels started to fight back, they started to fight again after seeing the militants being roughly jostled by the police. Let’s discuss in detail what happened at the LAPD Supreme Court. Jodie Sweetin is an activist best known for her roles on the American sitcom Full House and spin-off Fuller house. When Judy revolted near the Los Angeles Supreme Court, she was pushed away by a police officer, and eventually, Judy fell to the ground with the shove. Follow our website TheGossipsWorld.com for the latest updates! ! ! ! ! !

Whole House actress Judith Whiting incident explained

Whole House actress Judith Whiting incident explained

The incident happened on the 25thth Saturday, June 2022, Los Angeles. The video is said to have been shot by photographer Michael Arder, who uploaded it to his Instagram page. Ader claims actor Judy, 40, was thrown to the ground while leading a group of peaceful protesters. And they also stay away from the highway. Ader posted that Judy was with some of the other protesters she had gathered with some activists. She was in the city center when she was pushed away by police. Ade uploaded the video on his Instagram with the caption, “It pained me when I saw Jodie Sweetin being thrown to the ground by an LAPD officer, she just wanted to lead the group peacefully.

What happened to Judy Sweeting?

Aden said Judy was leading the militants off the highway. He tagged LAPDHQ in the post and asked what they were all doing? In the video, it can be clearly seen that Judy is roughly pushed away by the police, then she packs herself up and walks forward. In the video, Judy can be seen wearing a black top and black leggings, along with a backpack. When she was pushed away and fell to the ground, people gathered to pick her up, one of them said to the LAPD what the hell is going on with you guys, while the other consoled Judy by asking how she was doing?

Jodie Sweetin: Wikipedia and Bio

Speaking of injustice, Judy told Fox News that she is proud of the people who have participated in the revolt against injustice and have spoken out for the great injustice. They will continue to fight it until they are all free, she said. Speaking of Judy’s antipathy, the Supreme Court stripped abortion rights and passed a ruling that marked a shift in abortion rights. Many voted to end abortion rights, such as Coney Barrett and Brett Kavanaugh. This rebellion is against disenfranchisement, and as our Judy, they will fight for it.

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