‘Frozen Adam and Eve’ riddle answer explained as belly button theory resurfaces

An old riddle about a frozen Adam and Eve resurfaced this spring, confounding internet users.

Riddles have grown in popularity during the Covid-19 pandemic, as lockdowns have forced people to find new ways to entertain themselves at home. Those looking for a daily challenge found the challenge in the form of a riddle, as the brain teaser went viral on social media. And it doesn’t look like they’re going anywhere anytime soon.

The latest popular riddles take inspiration from the Bible. Let’s see how the millennial story of Adam and Eve has been adapted into a modern day riddle.

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The “Frozen Adam and Eve” Mystery

Like a riddle, the wording can vary. But the general wording of the Adam and Eve riddle goes something like this…

“Scientists excavating in Antarctica find two bodies frozen in a block of ice. One scientist immediately knows it’s Adam and Eve. But how do they know?”

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Scientists are probably smarter than most people. But the instant identification of the two frozen bodies from a glance suggested there was a clear sign to watch.

The answer is: they don’t have belly buttons.

How does this work? Well, in the Christian Bible, neither Adam nor Eve were born, they were created. Adam was created from dust by God, and then Eve was created from Adam’s rib. All descendants of Adam and Eve have belly buttons because they were born from the first two humans. The belly button is the scar tissue where the baby’s umbilical cord once attached in the mother’s womb. Neither Adam nor Eve had belly buttons because they were never born.

Adam and Eve’s Belly Buttons Have Confused People for Years

Although the riddle correctly states that it is unlikely that Adam and Eve in the Bible had belly buttons, the two characters have such physical features in other media as well.

“You know what’s so funny? Drawings of Adam and Eve, they both have belly buttons. Think about it,” joked one Twitter user. “Spend as much time as you need.”

The phrase has grown into its own “Adam and Eve belly button” riddle, and some people don’t understand that neither of these characters has a belly button. It has the same answer as the “Frozen” riddle.

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