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Flood damages N10.5bn water treatment equipments as water scarcity hits Lokoja –

Homes in Lokoja, the capital of Kogi state, are currently facing water shortages as the 10.5 billion naira water treatment plant, which was completely submerged by October floods, has been completely damaged.

The Kogi State Water Resources Commissioner His Excellency Abdulmumin Danga revealed the news to journalists.

He expressed shock at the extent of damage to pumps, water treatment machines, all of which were submerged, and the flooding lasted about three weeks.

Danga said most of the machines were damaged beyond repair and needed to be completely replaced.

Responding to our reporter’s inquiry about the cause of the severe water shortage in the capital since October last year, the commissioner revealed that the state government has ordered replacement machines from the original manufacturer and deliveries are expected soon.

Danga noted that as a mitigation measure, the government has carried out some repairs to the old Lokoja water plant to supply water to certain parts of the state.

According to him, the old water works are currently supplying water to the nearby traditional areas of Kabawa, Karaworo, Ipata, Cantonment, Maigari Palace and Confluence City.

He said he had met privately with some leaders, groups and residents, and he appealed to them for patience, a situation he said had not been seen since the formation of this government.

“I believe within the next two weeks, the equipment will arrive, it won’t take four to five days to install them, and the water supply will be restored to the metropolis,” Danga said.

He therefore appealed to residents to be patient with the state government, saying: “We are doing everything possible to have water available throughout Confluence City in the shortest possible time”.

The commissioner stressed that the problem was caused by natural disasters and not the fault of the state government.

The plan was developed during the administration of Governor Ibrahim Idris.

The project includes a purification treatment plant, TANK A with a storage capacity of 10,000 cubic meters, TANK B with a storage capacity of 3,000 cubic meters, a compressor station, and more than 20 kilometers of ductile cast pipes, most of which were submerged during the flood. damaged.

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