Fire At M4 Prince Of Wales Bridge Video Went Viral On Twitter, Reddit, Instagram & YouTube, Injury Update!

A fire blocked the M4 bridge yesterday. The M4 Prince of Wales Bridge is one of the most used bridges by the public, but yesterday, on June 22, it was blocked one way for an extended period of time. A large number of members of the public were blocked due to a large fire. The fire has blocked a road across the city, which has a huge impact on the city and people, as the M4 bridge is a way to help connect large numbers of people to the larger urban area. The cause of the fire was one of the wine trucks.Follow our website when liquor truck catches fire as truck catches fire Gossip World Network Get the latest updates! ! ! ! ! !

M4 Prince of Wales Bridge on fire

M4 Prince of Wales Bridge on fire

The road was blocked for about a day after the fire was ignited by alcohol. This was the news from the 22nd to the 23rd, when the bridge was blocked due to fire trucks. The truck is burning on one side, but the fear of an explosion is still there, which is why everyone is afraid to cross the bridge. When news of the truck was on fire reached the fire department, a brigade would come to the bridge to rescue if anyone needed it. The M4 bridge is the main route in Wales, which is why it’s so important to clear it, but with 65 trays of alcohol burning with the lorries, it’s dangerous.

M4 Prince of Wales Bridge fire video

Since burning a lot of wine is a very, very big thing, the good news is that no one was hurt. Everyone there was safe, even the truck driver who just got out of the truck and found the truck on fire. And because of his quick movements, the fire brigade got there as quickly as possible. Firefighters from Wales arrived as fast as they could, and they analysed the situation. After getting on the bridge, the first thing is to rescue the injured, and on the other hand, analyze what to do next.

M4 Prince of Wales Bridge Injury Update

As they analyzed, it was a wine truck, and it was close to a truck whose product was exploding, so the first thing was to control it from a distance. And just like that, Welsh firefighters used their skills and after a lengthy battle with a burning truck, they were able to bring the fire under control and the road would be able to move again. Trying to save public property was part of a lengthy battle for firefighters with a liquor truck that was burning 65 trays of alcohol. Thank you so much for helping everyone and helping ordinary people during this critical time.

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