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Family On ‘doomed TUI Flight Trapped In Birmingham Airport Amid 29hr Delay’

A mum says her family’s summer holiday was “ruined” after they waited five hours to board a TUI flight – only to find out it had been cancelled. Sharon Harvey, 58, and relatives ended up on another airline’s flight amid a 29-hour delay.

This Tamworth The group is due to fly TUI from Birmingham Airport Fly to Tenerife on September 2. They were initially asked to board the plane about three hours early.

Sharon said other holidaymakers were loaded onto a bus that transported them to the plane. But just 20 minutes later, they were told to return to the gate – and told there would be no more flights that day.

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She said some passengers then started “panic” because they were not allowed to leave the gate. “We were basically trapped and forgotten,” said Sharon, who works as a housing manager.

“There are mums with young babies who can’t feed their babies because they run out of formula, and disabled people in wheelchairs with swollen legs from sitting too long. People have panic attacks.

TUI TOM7548 from Birmingham Airport to Tenerife finally cancelled after hours of delay

“We were basically told that we couldn’t leave Gate 53 because we had already checked out the departure and therefore no security clearance. We were delayed by about five hours at this point.

She added: “The flight was basically doomed from the start. Not a single TUI representative showed up throughout the process.”

Sharon claimed there were a number of reasons for the delay and eventual cancellation of flight TOM7548, including technical issues, crew hours and fuel shortages. TUI told BirminghamLive that delays in baggage handling were the cause of the disruption, and said the airline “always keeps customers up to date”.

Police were eventually called to the door after some passengers became agitated, Sharon said. Officers then escorted all passengers through security, where they were told TUI would put people in a nearby hotel for the night and provide meals.

Passengers reportedly become restless after waiting hours for TUI flight TOM7548 from Birmingham Airport to Tenerife

Sharon said they were notified that night that the flight had been rescheduled to 10.40am the next day, 29 hours behind schedule. But by then her group, including her husband, sister and 26-year-old son, had already reserved a seat. Ryanair A flight that took off earlier that morning.

“It ruined the start of our vacation,” Sharon said. “They gave us a £200 voucher, which I think is a bit insulting.

“We saw reports online that TUI said they kept everyone informed, but that wasn’t the case. After we finally got back upstairs to deliver the coach to the hotel, the only TUI rep we could talk to was at the desk forward.

“The compensation should reflect the emotional stress and all the money we spent at the airport, including food, the Tenerife connection we missed and the flight we booked to keep us on our holiday. Overall experience was terrible and I will never again I will take a TUI.”

A spokesman for TUI said: “We fully understand the customer’s frustration with the flight from Birmingham to Tenerife on September 2. Unfortunately, delays in baggage handling meant the crew exceeded the maximum stated working hours, So the flight was delayed overnight.

“We always keep our customers up to date and provide overnight accommodation and refreshments. Passengers on this flight are entitled to EU261 compensation and will also receive a refund for their missed holiday night.”

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