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Experts harp on science, innovation as panacea for security, pandemic challenges –

Prof. Chinye Chiemeke, Vice-Chancellor of Delta University, Agbor, Delta State, said that if Nigeria must improve its economy and become a leading nation in the global space, it must prioritize integrating science and innovation into its national socio-economic development process.

Chiemeke made this assertion during his keynote address at the first national conference of the Faculty of Physical and Allied Sciences at Ambrose Ari University (AAU) in Ekpomar, Edo State, entitled: “Science and Innovation: Tackling Security A Panacea for Epidemic Challenges” (SIPSPAC) ).’

She emphasized at the three-day conference that it is well documented that no country can surpass its level of investment in science and innovation, which remain the bedrock of productivity and development.

To this end, she challenges the academic and research communities to strengthen their critical role in providing knowledge and expertise.

According to her, science and innovation play a key role in improving security to protect citizens, noting that Israel is a country that uses science and innovation to enhance security and maintain peace and security despite being the most threatened country in the world . world due to its geography and history.

In his message of kindness, Dr Bartholomew Brai, the state’s digital economy, science and technology commissioner, highlighted the importance of science and technology and commended the leadership of the Faculty of Physical Sciences for making the conference fruitful during challenging times and for sustaining it sue.

Professor Sonnie Adagbonyi, Acting Vice-Chancellor of Ambrose Ali University, highlighted the importance of science to the well-being of society and the need to leverage actionable research findings and innovations for the benefit of humanity.

Prof. Adagbonyi, represented by AAU Vice President (Academic) Prof. Marshall Azeke, called on individuals and institutions at all levels to continue to support individual and group researchers in conducting detailed investigation and research into various fields of human beings. effort.

Professor Cletus Abhulimen, Dean of the Faculty of Physical Sciences at AAU Ekpoma, believes that the topic of the conference is very appropriate given that the economic and security challenges of the post-pandemic era have left many disappointed.

He revealed that AAU’s Faculty of Physics and Allied Sciences is currently training its staff in relevant software and ICT-related topics to facilitate research and development at the Faculty.

He praised the excellent work of the conference organizing committee headed by Prof. Omi Ujuanbi.

In their main paper presentations, Prof. Isaac Osazuwa from Adekunle Ajasin University, Ondo State presented a paper on “Geophysically Addressing Insecurity and Pandemic Challenges”, while Prof. Isazuwa from University of Ilorin, Kwara State Prof. Peter Osanaiye gave a talk on “Mass Mixing Mathematics and Statistics: A Veritable Tool for Solving Epidemics and Security Challenges”, and Prof. Julius Iyasele published a paper on “Chemical Approaches to Examining Pandemics and National Security” .

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