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Expert commends Sirika over move to install ILS in 15 airports –

Mr. Olumide Ohunayo, Director of Zenith Travels in Lagos, commended the recent initiative of Aviation Minister Senator Hadi Sirika to install Category III Instrument Landing Systems (ILS) at 15 airports across the country.

While saying these efforts will further help planes take off and land, Ohunayo urged the government to ensure emergency calibration of the ILS as soon as it is installed so it is not considered a scrap item.

The minister took the opportunity to join the ongoing controversy by announcing recently that the first locally assembled aircraft at Zaria, the Nigerian Institute of Aeronautical Technology, would start flying within the next four months.

According to Ohunayo, contrary to the possibility that four months would be enough to complete the project, the government will be able to meet the four-month deadline because they are not starting from scratch.

Likewise, Comrade Abdulrasaq Saidu, a frontline labor leader and secretary of the Nigerian Association of Aviation Professionals (ANAP), described the minister’s statement as political.

Saidu’s position is based on the fact that there is nothing on the ground to indicate that the plane will be flying within the next four months.

His words: “I don’t believe it, what kind of magic is this? What is the ground showing? There are so many things involved in aircraft parts, and I haven’t seen anything on the ground that makes me feel confident that it will work. It’s a A political statement. If one has a vision, one must have a mission to follow that vision. A vision without a follow-up mission is doomed to failure.”

The labor leader asked how many professionals were trained to take over from those who came to assemble the planes, and he wondered whether after importing aircraft parts, the government would also import those parts to assemble the planes, which few Nigerians would look into these parts.

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