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Ex-NFL Star Who Killed Mountain Lion Speaks Out After Receiving 200 Complaints

Former Denver Broncos star Derek Wolf insisted he was “doing everything according to the rules” after he was criticized for shooting a 200-pound mountain lion. super bowl 50 winner Wolfe faced backlash on social media after posting a photo of his prey, but said his actions were both legal and necessary after the animal took up residence under the porch of a Colorado house .

The 32-year-old said they lodged 200 complaints with local authorities but Speaking to Fox News’ Tucker Carlson, He said he had acted accordingly, adding that he intended to eat the meat.

“I can’t believe what happened to me,” he said. “I can’t believe it’s legal to hunt legally and do something legal…Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) got 200 calls trying to scam me like I did something wrong. I didn’t do anything wrong Everything is legal.

“It’s not a paid hunt, I’m not paid for the hunt. It’s just something I’m interested in, I love hunting. (A friend) called me and said ‘here’s a cat, do you want to help? I said ‘yes’ ,Let’s go’.

“It’s on this woman’s porch, lives under her porch. When we talked to the landowners, they said ‘we have house cats and they’re acting weird and we don’t know why’. Well, it’s because you Have a full-grown 200-pound, 8.5-foot mountain lion walk across your front yard.

“We got puppy I’ve had some tough training camps with him, but this hunt has me down. I was cut all over my body. I was cramping and barely made it up, and when we finally reached the cat, it was at 9,600 feet.

“I was able to get a good, ethical shot, and I grabbed the cat, got him out of there, and it was all in order. It was perfectly legal. I processed the meat; I was going to eat it The cat.”

Derek Wolfe posts photo of himself with dead 195-pound mountain lion on Instagram



Former defensive end Wolf, who was drafted by the Broncos in the second round in 2012, spent eight seasons at Mile High Stadium with 33 sacks in 96 games.a move to baltimore ravens Then, but he was plagued by injuries, played his last game in 2021, and then retired a year later.

Wolfe posted a photo of him holding him up after the mountain lion was killed instagram January 19, cause a mixed reaction. While some celebrated his killing, others vent their anger and sorrow when the animal dies.

However, CPW confirmed in a statement to TMZ Sports Wolfe was licensed to hunt the cougar, and his actions were legal.

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