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Ethnicity won’t work in C’River, traditional ruler says –

The Supreme Ruler of Bakassi, Cross River State, Okon Edet, said delivery capacity, not race, will be the key factor in deciding who to entrust governance of the country to, the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reported.

The traditional ruler, responding to the “Back to the South” movement, made this point on Tuesday when he hosted the campaign of Senator Sandy Onor, the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) gubernatorial candidate.

Traditional rulers live in squalor, Edete said, adding that the people have accepted enough failed promises from politicians in the state.

He said that as guardians of local traditions and culture, traditional rulers can decide the fate of any politician besides being closest to the people.

“The 2023 election is non-partisan, we will vote for individuals and abilities.

“I’m not a tribalist, I’m against race. We need the best people to do the job.

“Nobody needs stories anymore. We’ve seen all the bad and the good. We know who’s going to deliver the country.

“When you win and see what’s wrong, correct it. We won’t accept neglect any more. Look at our welfare because we’re going through hell,” the monarch said.

Earlier, the PDP gubernatorial candidate said his government would usher in the transparency and accountability that the state has lacked for the past seven years.

“We need change and new leadership with a clear mind, a new cross-river state that will bring accountability and drive good governance,” Onor said.

“Back to the South” is a campaign strategy that should return power to the state’s southern Senate district, NAN reported.

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