Etharkum Thuninthavan Tamil Movie Review Behindwoods Public Reaction Video

Etharkum Thuninthavan Tamil Movie Review Behindwoods Public Reaction Video: The newest Tamil movie “Etharkum Thuninthavan Behindwoods” has larger-than-life motion, unessential duet songs, mammoth punch dialogues, family sentiment, and lots of different issues which can be not well-liking by onlookers. There is a viral video of Director Mari Selvaraj speaking concerning the film “Papanasam”, which is the Tamil remake of the Malayalam profitable and hit “Drishyam”. The film is a couple of lady who unintentionally assassinated her harasser, after being blackmailed with a personal MMS taken together with her consent and data. When the daddy will get to find out about it, he goes to excessive lengths with a purpose to shield his daughter from the cops and eventually saves her. Follow More Update On

Etharkum Thuninthavan Tamil Movie Review

Why does the daddy, at no place, inform her that she has nothing to be embarrassed about?” It is the molester who ought to be ashamed or embarrassed about,” asks Mari. It is a vital query, contemplative of the cultural patriarchal ethos of our society. Finally, we glance to have a solution in Pandiraj Suriya’s Etharkum Thuninthavan. The story is loosely based mostly on the Pollachi se*ual assault case, Etharkum Thuninthavan watches Suriya play a righteous lawyer once more, after the movie “Jai Bhim”, however of a really completely different form.

Etharkum Thuninthavan Review Behindwoods

Different from Chandru, Kannabiran doesn’t combat solely in courts. He stumbles upon a community of males headed by the rich, influential politician Inba (function performed by Vinay) who dupe women into the relationships and later molests them with personal movies taken sans their consent or data. He takes them to court docket, however to no avail. It is sort of attention-grabbing to observe, Will Kannabiran assist the women get justice? In order to make use of Tamil cinema terminology, ET is the “commercial theater movie” of Suriya for two years.

Etharkum Thuninthavan Review Public Reaction

After 2 hit OTT releases, it’s clear that this film is especially for the non-urban onlookers. This implies that the narrative will comply with the business template. Delicacy shouldn’t be one of many stronger traits of Pandiraj. It is amusing how Kannabiran has time to leap to duet numbers within the spite of the “ticking clock”. But to its credit score, the movie ET retains the ruffle to the minimal. The film is predominantly pacy- the quick cuts of the film remind you of a Hari movie and it devoted extra power to breaking quite a few stereotypes and biases. Even the humor and romance sequences are structured to be socially extra accountable. At the top of the amusing sequence, Kannabiran tied the marriage knot to Aadhini (function performed by Priyanka Mohan), after fooling her father.

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