‘Emotional toll’ is a concern for half of unpaid caregivers caring for elderly parents.

Half of unpaid carers who look after an elderly parent are concerned about the emotional toll that caring for them can have, and more than a quarter are worried about how they will be able to afford to provide proper care.

Nearly six out of ten (57%) carers go above and beyond to ensure that their loved ones do not overpay their bills.

While half of those surveyed (52%) make sure that gas and electricity readings are accurate.

A fifth of those polled are already considering how expensive winter will be – but 25% are concerned that their efforts will negatively impact their own job.

The most common things people do to help are shopping, cooking, and cleaning, according to a survey of 1,000 unpaid carers, more than half of whom look after parents over 65.

Experts say doing small things now is vital

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As the cost of living rises, 57% of people are also contributing to their family’s finances.

66 percent, on the other hand, believe their parents are “too proud” to ask for help.

“Doing small things now to help prepare for the future is vital, especially if you’re an unpaid carer,” said Phillippa Brown from Smart Energy GB, which commissioned the research.

“What this study reveals is the number of people who go above and beyond to ensure that their parents are not left to deal with current issues on their own.”

“Every penny counts for a lot of people. As a result, it’s critical to ensure that older or vulnerable people’s energy bills are accurate – and requesting a smart meter from their energy provider is one way to do so.”

According to the survey, 78% of those who look after their parents are already preparing for winter, with 67% believing it is the most difficult season for seniors.

And 87% believe that the rise in energy prices in October will make the colder months even more difficult.

Some carers are already getting ready for winter

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Many people are ensuring that their loved ones have enough warm clothing, that the heating is working properly, and that their appliances are in good working order as they prepare for the winter.

While more than a third (34%) are assisting them in using a smart meter to better manage their energy consumption, and 29% plan to have one installed by their energy provider.

It was also discovered that unpaid carers caring for a parent spend nearly 15 hours per week on average.

According to the survey conducted by OnePoll, a third of respondents are concerned that their parents will be cold in the winter due to rising energy prices.

However, seven out of ten respondents said that when they were younger, their parents did not expect their children to have to care for them later in life.

“Having a smart meter installed by their energy supplier will help them and you prepare for future increases in energy prices, because you’ll both be able to keep track of what they’re spending,” Phillippa Brown continued.

“Moreover, simple draught proofing around windows and doors will improve the efficiency of a home’s heating system, potentially allowing you to stretch your dollar further when it gets colder.”

“The in-home display of a smart meter will show you how much energy is being used in near-real time, so you can make small adjustments like this for those you care for to help them better manage their household finances.”

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