Emmanuel Petit & Michael Owen say Aaron Ramsdale got ‘very lucky’ as Arsenal beat Palace

Emmanuel Petit and Michael Owen believe Aaron Ramsdale was “very lucky” in Arsenal’s 4-1 win over Crystal Palace at the Emirates Stadium on Sunday.

The pair referenced Wilfried Zaha’s shot at 0-0, which hit Ramsdale in the back, then the back of his head before hitting the post and heading out corner kick.

In typical Zaha fashion, the all-around striker, after bursting out down the left, went on to slice in with his favorite right foot.

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He fired low at Ramsdale’s near post and the £30m Arsenal man after seeing the gap open (Sky Sports) Get down fast enough and touch the ball lightly.

It was enough for the ball to eventually fly out of the corner, but the puffed cheeks of Ramsdale, the loud gasps and gasps of the crowd, tell you a different story.

Emmanuel Petit and Michael Owen both reacted to the moment and while they praised the 24-year-old for his save, they did think he had “winner’s luck”, As they told Premier League Productions (3:00pm 19/03/23).

“Palace had a good chance to score the first goal,” Petit said. “He’s so lucky Ramsdale. That should go back to his own goals.

“After a sloppy start, Arsenal had the ball – but Ramsdale had his fingers on it, didn’t he?!”

Irving added: “He’s lucky, isn’t he?! As Emanuel said, where it bounced. First of all, he wasn’t lucky. That ball sneaked in. Only in replays do you see that he had a little Touch the ball.”

Petit added: “It’s the luck of the winner.”

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arsenal ease past palace

An unmanned Crystal Palace threatened Arsenal’s defense early in the game but it was over after Gabriel Martinelli opened the scoring in the 28th minute.

Crystal Palace have entered the game after sacking Patrick Vieira and are goalless in four games, winless in 11 and have nothing to shout about in 2023.

It was beyond dire form, so when they scored they showed throughout 90 minutes why they were in serious danger of going down.

But Arsenal had to get the job done and their performance put City eight points clear.

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