Elon Musk is upset that OpenAI has succeeded without him

open artificial intelligence via public release Chat Tools And introduced the next generation language model GPT-4 It’s in the center of attention, but it seems Elon Musk One of the founders of the aforementioned company was not happy with the issue.

mask He has criticized OpenAI several times over the past few weeks. The Tesla CEO spoke about the company’s transformation in 2019 in response to a Twitter user. artificial intelligence He scoffed at the for-profit organization.

mask He tweeted: “Still confused why a nonprofit I donated nearly $100M to is worth $30B today? If the process is legit, why isn’t everyone doing it?”

Putting the matter in perspective, the recent statement mask It contains key points about OpenAI. This company does not have a very strict organization, but it is one of the most important organizations in the development of artificial intelligence.

OpenAI started out as a nonprofit showing concern for rogue AI.The company soon changed its mind and created a profitable division that became Microsoft will invest $10 billion in it,

OpenAI is now valued at $30 billion, and its other projects are not open-sourced, contrary to its original thinking.

mask tweet in december Sam AltmanOpenAI’s CEO responded that there are dangers in building self-aware AI.Now months after this tweet, it looks like mask Want to create a new AI to compete with ChatGPT,

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