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Eddie Hearn Wins £1,000 Bet On Result Of Chris Eubank Jr Vs Liam Smith Fight

Eddie Hearn has donated £1,000 to charity after Liam Smith’s victory over Chris Eubank Jr.

Eubank Jr goes head-to-head with arch-rival Smith in weekend domestic pay-per-view, saw him get knocked out in devastating fashion After the receiving end of the fourth round of barrage. Many were surprised by the results, with “NextGen” becoming the fringe favorite to enter the program.

It will be a tough call now to rebuild Eubank Jr.’s career after a record third loss, but he can still get Chance for an immediate rematch. While it was a tough night for Eubank Jr, it was an even better night for promoter Hearn, who bet with Nova Sport Management’s Napper Fitness that Smith would beat the 33-year-old.

Hearn posted a video of the two agreeing to bet on him instagram The story then offered proof of his donation to the Haven House Children’s Hospice charity, which cares for children at risk of life. Influential Napper Fitness later released a statement after the bet was placed, which read: “Eddie was a man who came forward and told me to donate his winnings to charity.

“So we donated it to Haven Children’s Hospice. I know these types of donations have a big impact on smaller charities and I absolutely believe Chris will be the bigger man to win this fight.” George Groves, Arthur Abraham and James DeGale couldn’t hurt or beat Chris. Liam is smaller than them and I don’t see how he’d be a threat.”

Napper Fitness and Merah Vodianova launched Nova Sport Management and signed Eubank Jr as one of their first clients. They’ve worked with him for years and are now working with him to represent fighters through grass roots from around the world.

Liam Smith beats Chris Eubank Jr.


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Hearn later revealed in an interview that he watched the fight with interest given his previous working relationship with Smith.he seems to have piled some Blame Eubank Jr’s cornerback Roy Jones Jr for unexpected losses.He said Allied TV: “I saw what we knew, that Liam Smith was brilliant, very composed against another guy who was totally lost in boxing.

“Technically, Eubank was never great, but what he’s always had is a fearless mentality, a great chin and a great engine. What he did with Roy Jones was totally take All those assets and trying to build on what he doesn’t have or the ability to have. Defensively, it’s a rookie performance with his chin high straight back and he looks lost.

“Even on the ring track he has this incredible aura, Junior, I feel for him because I feel like there’s a lot going on in his life, unfortunately, I think sometimes we don’t realize it How difficult it is for him to deal with those things.”

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