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Dunali Season-2 Part-1 ULLU Originals Full Episode Review Actress Name Star Cast

Hey peers, finally your wait to catch another sizzling installment of quite the anticipated series “Dunali” is going to over as the makers have made an announcement of releasing “Dunali(Season 2) – Part-1” which you all were impatiently waiting for. So just be ready to grab the series as only a few moments are left in the broadcasting and you will get your favorite one. But before anything, you must be keen to get the comprehensive details such as release date and time, spoiler, star cast, review, and preview. Because accurate information is one of the most crucial parts of anything, so below you could get everything.

The makers are releasing “Dunali(Season 2) – Part-1” on 10th June 2022 officially on ULLU, in short only a few moments are left and it will occupy your television and mobile screens. Even, a few speculations are claiming that the story plot of the recent one will definitely bring you to another space. As the makers made massive changes this time while holding the same format as the previous one. Even, a few new faces are also going to spread the magic of their extraordinary acting skills which will set the fire among everyone.

Release Date:- 10th June 2022

When we talk about the storyline, so it revolves around a boy who was born with 2 booners and has an attractive aura as well, but as soon as his age is getting increased his lust for also receiving the immense pump. Therefore, his father decides to make him marry with someone as soon as possible, hence, many girls come with their parents to meet him and get shocked to hear his USP. But his neighbor’s aunt is also having a crush on him since she spent a night with him, and therefore she makes her husband familiar that she needs him as he has the power to make her satisfied.

Star Cast:-

  • Shubam Deorukha
  • Prerna Singh
  • Hitesh Makhija
  • Nehal Badiliya
  • Babul Bhavesar

But, it has turned into a subject of great concern for him and therefore he asks his friend to find out the cure. Because the situation is becoming worsened and before its too late they will have to do something. Then his friend make a call to the doctor who injects him with the medicine, and unfortunately, he got the reactions as the size got enhanced to an extent. In short, the series is bringing the high voltage drama and everything that will make you feel over the top for sure. So do not miss streaming it on ULLU and for more details stay tuned with us.

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