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Drake Apollo Theatre Concert Fan Fall From Balcony Viral Video CCTV Footage

On Sunday, January 22, a concert by Drake at the Apollo Theatre ended with a fan falling off the stage. The event forced the God’s Plan singer to interrupt his performance mid-set. The rapper 21 Savage and the artist known as Drizzy were set to play when a fan fell into the orchestra pit from the second-story mezzanine balcony. Drake abruptly stopped the performance after receiving word of the fan’s accident from a staff member. Check further details in the article below and get all the information.

The Trust Issues rapper addressed the crowd and said, “Just gotta make sure somebody’s OK”. The security personnel rushed to help the victim as the venue’s lights were turned on after the rapper made his declaration. The event quickly continued once the venue reported that no one had been hurt, according to Insider. According to the article, a man at the event declared, “Everybody is completely OK.” They are being monitored. No harm is done.

But I have even greater news to share with you. The Apollo is our venue, so the show must go on.” At the conclusion of the performance, Drake also expressed his regret to the crowd and thanked them for keeping the enthusiasm up all night. He addressed the crowd and stated, “This group is unquestionably a perfect 10. I’m overjoyed about tonight. We apologize for all of the delays”.

Apollo Theater after a fan fell from Balcony

A fan of Drake can be seen going off a balcony in footage that have been posted online. The singer pretended not to be aware of the fall at first, but he subsequently told 21 Savage about it on stage and told his audience. The injured fan is seen leaving in a different video while being helped by a crew member. Drake was singing a 40-song set that spanned his whole career, including some of his biggest hits like Jimmy Cooks and Started From The Bottom.

The Apollo concerts were originally scheduled for last year but were twice postponed, first because of the passing of Migos rapper Takeoff and later because of production problems. Meanwhile, it’s rumored that Drake and 21 Savage, who worked together on their latest album Her Loss, will tour this summer. Online leaks and rumors suggest that the tour, which will go by the name “It’s All A Blur,” will begin on May 26. Chicago, Detroit, Glendale, Foxborough, Philadelphia, Charlotte, Miami, Atlanta, Inglewood, and Las Vegas are among the other cities on the leaked calendar.

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