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Diana Avsaragova Fan of Emelianenko, but Ignoring Talk of MMA Being “For Men”

Bellator featherweight Diana Avsaragova (5-0) travels from Russia to Los Angeles next month for the Bellator 290, where she will face former title challenger Alejandra Lara.

Avsaragova’s corner is already stateside, leaving her to travel alone. That has been the case for the young boxer, who joined Bellator MMA in 2021 and won her first three fights.

“to be honest [the travel] It’s complicated because it’s a long flight every time,” she told Cageside Press through a translator in a recent exclusive interview. “I fly by myself most of the time, and I don’t know English, so it does complicate things. . “

The Russian lightweight has so far been excluded from the promotion’s official rankings. However, a victory over Lara (who previously fought Ilima-Lei Macfarlane for the women’s flyweight gold medal) could well change that.

“Yeah, she’s got a reputation, so hopefully this will put me in the top 10 and beat her,” Avsaragova said. With Laura’s severe slide, the 24-year-old agrees her opponent may be more agitated than usual. “As you said, I think she’s going to be more aggressive because she needs to be able to recover [from] Her losing streak. “

Avsaragova’s return will be on the same card as the legendary Fedor Emelianenko, who is expected to retire after fighting Ryan Bader for the heavyweight title in the Bellator 290 main event.

Fedor has basically been fighting for Avsaragova’s entire life since the flyweight division is still only 24 years old. Like many people in Russia, she has been a fan of “The Last Emperor” since she was a child. “Yes, of course,” she told us. “I was a big fan of him when I was a kid, like everyone in Russia [was]”

Emelianenko notorious Claims MMA ‘is for men’ Rewind to 2015, when Ronda Rousey was one of the brightest stars in the sport. That talk hasn’t stopped Diana Avsaragova from doing what she loves.

“Honestly, I just ignored it all. I never paid attention to things like that that people said,” she said. “I just love what I do and I’m going to keep doing it.”

Going forward, the Russian hopes she can keep busy. “If all goes well, I really hope to fight at least 3 times a year, especially with my health and injuries.” She added that she has no predictions for Laura’s fight, but is ready to see it through.

“I don’t really make predictions. I’m ready, I’m always ready for a three-round fight. You’ll see what happens.”

Watch our full interview with women’s flyweight Diana Avsaragova above. She will face Alejandra Laura on Saturday, February 4, 2023 at the Bellator 290 at the Kia Forum.

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