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Despite Wild Road Getting to UFC, It was the Best Thing to Happen to Chris Duncan

LAS VEGAS, Nevada — In a sense, Chris Duncan is in a bit of a state of mind after losing one game and then another in the Contenders series. In a sense, he has come a long way on the road to the UFC.

Still, he has no regrets after winning his way into the UFC on Tuesday night, his second appearance in the Dana White’s Contender Collection.

Duncan knocking out Charlie Campbell convinced him that he had done enough to finally get the UFC trade. It was a night where all five winners had a big show.

I really idea like, i played his head leave This canvas, you Know, like, one of This speed ball used to be like ‘Prosperity! ‘” Duncan (9-1) told the media, including Cageside Press, after the event.”phosphorusoutput someone go out like That, A generationt no way OK but ThatI built it for. and, you Know, I Know That used to be go to safe I mine contract. “

After losing weight three times in Las Vegas last year, Duncan realized the situation might be in his favor.

“MeterYes opponent pull go out superior This on Monday back I put on weight,” recalls Duncan, who played against Manuel Gaxhja in the DWCS last season. Gaxhja fell ill after losing weight. “and Then Sean [Shelby, UFC matchmaker] explain,Yes go to try and get you superior Saturday. so Yes meeting send you to This UFC. and Yes go to Give you One shooting. ‘”

Duncan didn’t know who he would fight. As it turns out, Jim Miller is the name the UFC has in mind. but them Say That This committee cannot allow That. because, obviously, he is Have so many fight and I Have no Have One a lot of.Secondut when I used to be exist That moment, all I wanted to Do Yes Yes One part of This UFC. ” At that time, Duncan’s manager told him to pack up and get ready to go home, not expecting a fight.so as you Do, you go in and out hamburger eat some fries and Hamburger. and Then I get One call This Next sky, thinking it used to be go to Yes for One flight. and certainly enough, mine manager explain,you Know, we’ve already get you one struggle. ‘”

While Duncan agreed to the next Contenders series, against Vyacheslav Bolshev, This weight reduce take i am a lot. and I No Feel I. I Feel like it used to be One Dream to Yes Honest. like I do not even like – come back here, obviously One year [later] were able Feel like One small a small amount deja vu deja vu, but I no correct mentally. and I used to be correct mentally tonight. “

“Finally we’re done and now we’re part of the UFC, what a happy day.”

Incredibly, Duncan wouldn’t change what happened.

“It was like the best thing that ever happened to me,” he admitted. “Because I think I used to be in kill-kill-kill mode when I was fighting, you know? I used to, like, put the blindfolds on and walk forward and try to knock them down. It’s not your way to go. Road. Especially in MMA because there are so many ways to win and lose, and then obviously I paid for it. I got hooked left, I got knocked out. So I have to go back, I have to think about me mentality and the way I prepare for the fight.”

Watch the full Dana White’s Contender Series 48 postgame press conference featuring Chris Duncan.


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